TSR Fashion: Arielle Sidney Creates Outfits Out Of Retail Shopping Bags

TSR Fashion: Arielle Sidney Creates Outfits Out Of Retail Shopping Bags

When it comes to creativity, Black women stay undefeated! 21-year-old Digital Creator Arielle Sidney shocked everyone on the innanet with the popping outfits she made out of shopping bags. Arielle shared a video on TikTok displaying the handmade outfits out of bags from Ikea, Target, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and Vans.

TSR received exclusive details from Arielle about the process it took her to design and create the outfits. Arielle shared that she recently received a sewing machine in July 2020. After going to Ikea with a male friend, he jokingly suggested that she should make an outfit out of the Ikea bags they passed by in the store. Arielle was down for the challenge and purchased 2 bags, and left the store.

Arielle explained that the Ikea outfit was the second garment she had ever made, and it took her about 3 days to complete. It is surprising to learn that Arielle had no sewing or fashion design training because the look came out so well!

As far as her Target outfit, Arielle told us it took about one and a half days to complete, as it was a fairly simple outfit. The Vans outfit took three days because she did not have enough bags of the same design, so she ended up mix-matching the design for the jacket, which she says took forever. The Trader Joe’s outfit took the longest to construct, which was about three and a half days, due to not having enough bags for the jacket. Arielle said she did not know what she would do for the arms, and ended up using the bag’s straps.

Lastly, Arielle said the Walmart outfit was the quickest to create. She said that look only took about 6 hours to make, and was the easiest one by far. Overall, these outfits cost Arielle a little bit of time and patience and about $31 in total. Way to go, girl!

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