TSR Holiday Spirit: 10 Things To Never Get Your Girlfriend On Christmas!!

TSR Holiday Spirit: 10 Things To Never Get Your Girlfriend On Christmas!!

For the ladies who are in a relationship (or just dealing with a really cool situationship).. one of your favorite holidays is soon approaching…Christmas! But with that being said, now we have to trust that our boyfriends have been paying attention all year round for the perfect gift. Now fellas if you were too busy ignoring the signs on what to get her, here are some things you should definitely stay away from if you’re going to take the chances of winging it:


  1. Never Put A Gift In A Ring Sized Box If Its Not A Ring!!
  • It should be self explanatory, don’t get your life taken on a day meant for giving it!



  1. Toiletries Like Shower Gels And Deodorants
  • Basically, You don’t want her thinking that you think she stinks!



  1. Lingerie That Is Dehumanizing
  • If its a lingerie set that looks like nothing but a bandaid and some tooth floss please do not get it! She wants to feel more than like a piece of meat on this day!



  1. A Gym membership Or Gym Equipment
  • Even though a man may love this, making your girl feel like she’s fat isn’t the way to go!

stuffed animals

  1. Stuffed Animals
  • If you’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years already quit with the childish gifts!



  1. Household Appliances or Cleaning Supplies
  • Don’t make your girl feel as though her role is to clean the house or cook because it just isn’t romantic in this day and age! We don’t care if you’re dating Martha Stewart, don’t do it!



  1. Yourself
  • No we don’t want your d*** in a box or you walking in with your birthday suit equipped with that red bow tie you would probably tie around your neck… we can already get that 24/7 and if it aint from you somebody else surely will do it!



  1. Movies or Other “Predictable” Dating Places
  • Unless you plan on popping the question or renting out the whole theater , try to stay away from things that you can do normally on a regular day.


  1. Money / Gift Card
  • This shows that you put no effort in your gift therefore don’t be mad when she stops putting effort into having sex with you either!


  1. I O U
  • An “I owe you” will have to be the most tackiest thing you can do as a boyfriend and to me should be grounds for a break up! You had 365 days to save up for a special gift there should be no excuse!

If you promise to stay away from these things, trust and believe your girlfriend with be happy, and like they say “Happy Wife, Happy Life!” Lets chat below!!

TSR Staff: Debra Oh !! @The_Ebony_Issue on IG!!


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