Woman Says Marshals Assaulted Her While Naked During Atlanta Eviction

TSR Investigates: Woman Assaulted By Marshals While Naked In Eviction At Her Boyfriend’s Apartment Speaks Out (Exclusive)

A woman from New Jersey was visiting her boyfriend in Georgia when she claims she was assaulted by marshals looking to evict him. He wasn’t home at the time, but that didn’t stop two of the officers from ordering her out of the apartment after she had just gotten out of a bath. With her four-year-old watching, the mom says she was assaulted after marshals told her she could get appropriately dressed.

Now, she’s sharing her story with TSR Investigates reporter Justin Carter in hopes of bringing awareness to the situation.

Jumanah Baskerville tells Carter she was having a typical morning until Fulton County marshals barged into her boyfriend’s home to serve an eviction notice. Baskerville, who was only wearing a bathrobe, asked if she could get dressed. But instead of being allowed to cover herself adequately, she says an all-male group of marshals body-slammed and arrested her on the spot while her 4-year-old daughter listened from a nearby room.

“They had their knee on my back…exposing my body. It’s not like I had on underclothes — I had on nothing. Fresh out of the tub.”

Baskerville says the trauma still affects her toddler daughter, who refers to the police as the people who assaulted her.

“She still brings it up. Every time we’re outside and she sees police officers, she’s like, ‘mommy [the police] beat you up.”

The mom plans to take legal action in the future, using the bodycam video from the arrest as her proof. In a TSR exclusive, Jumanah recalls the horrific day and lays out her plans to pursue justice. Hit play to see it.



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