We sometimes have those one or two things we feel flawed or insecure about, even though those same insecurities can be some of the things that make us beautiful to others.

Jane Oranika took to Twitter to start what she calls the #EgoChallenge.

“Can we do an #EgoChallenge? Like rap about our flaws n shit? Lol I wanna do it,” she tweeted.

To say the least, she sure did do the damn thing!

Oranicuhh, as she calls herself on twitter, posted a video of herself rapping over an instrumental beat of Beyoncé’s ego.

“We all have flaws and it’s better to brag about them [than] to be insecure. Y’all should join,” she captioned her now viral post.

In her challenge, she drops some gems y’all!

“I’m staring in the mirror vision clearer than it’s ever been, I’m loving what I see it’s safe to say my pride is evident,” she starts off.

She continues on to say “they never meant for folks like us to walk around with confidence, but I ain’t finna hate myself because of your incompetence.” Yesssss girl, come all the way through!

The one liner that’ll have you saying “Oop!” and cheering at the same time is when she throws shade at our new president, Donald Trump.

“I’m chocolate, talk about an overdose of melanin, frequent typos but at least I’m smarter than our president.” **Sips all the tea!!!

Queen Bey would definitely be proud of this challenge!

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