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TSR Twisted Stories: Bronx Woman Kills Friend And Steals Her Baby!

Lord, there must be something in the water because these bizarre stories are just getting worse! From a sicko perverted dentist to Donald Trump the world just ceases to amaze us but unfortunately a Bronx woman has now been added on to the long list of crazies!

22-year-old Ashleigh Wade is being accused of murdering her friend who was nine months pregnant all because she wanted the baby! Thats right, according to the NY Post, Wade had kept up the charade that she was pregnant for months and grew desperate to find a baby which ended up costing her friend Angelique Sutton her life.

Wade even posted ultrasound photos via Facebook where captioned “My baby angel” and “my lil dimpled cutie pie” fooling everyone including her landlord (who is also a gynecologist) and her boyfriend of 6 years.

“She had me fooled…She was heavy so I couldn’t tell,” said Wade’s landlord. “She said she was supposed to deliver on Monday, and I texted her and asked her if she had the baby, and she said, ‘No, not yet.'”

Her boyfriend, Angel Praylow, seemed to have been just as happy for a baby that would never come. “It’s a shocker to him. It’s a shocker to me and my wife,” said Angel’s dad. “I was telling her I can’t wait ’til November, when the baby’s due. I thought I was going to be a grandfather.”

Angel’s dad also says that the reason why Angel never been to a doctor’s appointment with his crazed girlfriend was because he was too busy working the kitchens at NYU, probably in order to help provide for the baby he would never get to see.

Wade’s plan all came crashing down after she repeatedly stabbed Sutton in her bronx home and then called her boyfriend reportedly telling him that she had did “something really bad,” and when he got there he was met with a horrific scene that prompted him to take the baby and call 911.

When police arrived, Wade tried to blame the bloodbath on Sutton, saying that she attacked her first alleging that the stabbing took place in self defense and when she had realized what she had done, she made the decision to perform an amateur c-section in order to save the baby.

“How can you be so spiteful, to cut someone’s baby out? That’s sick,” Sutton’s neighbor, Monica Keller, said. “It’s beyond mentally ill.”

Wade has since been taken to Jacobi Hospital for psychiatric evaluation and Sutton and her baby, who was supposed to be named, Jenasis, was taken to Montefiore Hospital. The actual biological father in all this has been dating Sutton for eight years and has declined to comment. We pray for everyone involved, lets chat below!


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