Everyone knows one of the most important parts of having a perfect beat, is to have some amazing eyebrows!

Now everyone has their own unique shaped brows, as well as a brow trend they prefer to follow.

Now let’s keep it real…not everyone has perfected their brow technique! That’s why we have five simple tips that will help anyone achieve some amazing brows when it comes to getting that overall beat face.


Don’t Give Your Eyebrows That Harsh Brow Effect

1: Fade in the beginning of your brows for a softer look.


Do Use Concealer To Achieve A More Clean And Precise Look

2: You can place the concealer below the brow, or above and below the brow to help clean them up. It depends on the look you’re going for.


Don’t Walk Around With Highlighter Brows

3: Find the right shade of concealer to fit your skin tone and properly blend it in so your brows don’t have an overly highlighted look.


Don’t Make Your Brows Look, Super Long,

4: If you’re filling in your brows and would like to extend it past your natural length, make sure not to pass your brow bone.


Do Set Your Brows With A Gel To Keep Everything In Place

5: This step helps to keep both your brow hairs and makeup in place for the perfect brow.