We all know that one person that acts up when their food order isn’t right but one #Minnesota woman took thangs to a whole new level.

A customer at a #StPaul #Dominos is accused of pulling a gun on the store’s employees after they forgot to include her chicken wings with her order, according to @wcco.

Police said they responded to a report of a woman, identified as 59-year-old Holly Webb, who pointed a gun at a Domino’s employee. The workers told the cops that the woman was upset about the food that had been delivered to her home and she wanted a refund.

But things got real when one of the employees called 911, which is when Webb reportedly fled in her vehicle.

Police ended up finding Webb’s car outside of her home and eventually found her and took her into custody. It was then that one of the Domino’s employees confirmed Webb was the customer who had pulled out a handgun in the store.

Upon questioning, Webb told police initially that she had a permit to carry her weapon, but her gun was in the glove compartment of her car and she did not point it at anyone in the restaurant.

After police told Webb there was surveillance video from the incident, Webb admitted to displaying the gun, but continued to deny pointing it at anyone.

She was charged with one felony count of violent threats. She was taken to jail and her bail was set at $10,000, according to authorities.

No one was believed to be hurt in the incident. It’s not clear whether Webb ever got her wings.

Now we all know pizza is bomb but when you eat it with hot wings, it hits a little differently, so I can understand Webb’s frustration but getting that upset over an incorrect order will never be worth your freedom.

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