#Roommates, looks like #LouisVuitton is expanding their brand beyond fashion and entering tech! After #LilYatchy and #LilUzi were seen sporting the new earbuds, #LouisVuitton makes the announcement that they have wireless headphones that retail for a little under $1k!

Whew! That’s a pretty penny for some headphones. Of course, if you can afford them by all means, do what you do! Kind of makes the #Apple version for $150 look a lot more reasonably priced huh? Anyway, the headphones are simple in design. Each bud has the coveted LV logo with an LV case of course.

The headphones will be offered in 4 different color ways. Black, white, red monogram and yellow and blue pattern of “LV” stripes.

#Roommates will you be copping these headphones?