#Balenciaga low-key staaaays trolling—but business must be booming cause’ apparently people keep buying!
Remember their $2,145 tote bag that was literally a replica of IKEA’s 99c grocery bag? What about their $1,100 purse that was just like the shopping bag they give to customers after their purchases?
Welp, the luxury fashion house is back at it again with another ‘luxury’ item for y’all!! They’re selling a “t-shirt shirt” that’s gonna run you a good $2,145.
If this is the type of look you’d wear, imma need y’all to just pin a button up shirt to your regular t-shirt and be on your way…
The question we all wanna know though is—who’s buying?! #TSRCutTheFoolery
TSRStaff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_