One thing about our generation is that when we have a dream, we chase that thing until our shoes can’t hold our feet any longer! Carlos Thomas is yet another example of a twenty-something avoiding the rat race to follow his dreams of being a chef.


Carlos says he cooks to make people feel better (because we all know food will change a mood instantly!) But during his journey to feed the people, he put the unity back in community within neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“A program that incorporates a bunch of different black businesses to just go into the ‘hood and volunteer and be a part of the hood for that moment, that time, that hour, whatever it just exposure. I’m a ‘90s kid so I grew up with subliminal exposure to black colleges, so its kind of subliminal exposure to black businesses. And the food brings people out. It attracts people.

Chef Los tells us that the program started back in 2015 when he wanted to market his catering company, #ConfluenceCatering. He asked a local black-owned storefront if he could set up shop in front of the store to feed the ‘hood.

“I Wanted to let the community to know I was there,” he said.

Students from Westinghouse High School stopped by the festivities on their way home from school and in later days, Chef Los learned that for some of them, that was their last meal of the day. Then, he said he NEEDED to make the event a community program.

“Imagine being in the park one day and seeing a van and people hop out, one carrying a speaker, one carrying a grill, a DJ. And then we just set up the tables in one spot, the DJ in another and just give out food. The food always attracts people. And if it doesn’t, we go out and talk to the people.”

He said they’ve even gone as far as stopping and feeding two Port Authority public transportation buses — two years in a row.

Chef Los most recently hosted a breast cancer awareness powder puff football game a Feed The ‘Hood event.


On top of all of that excellence, Carlos says he began funding Feed The ‘Hood out of his own pocket. Now, most events receive community donations and sponsorships.


“I just want to bring people together to benefit from each other,” He said. “These kids need to be fed, it’s up to us to feed them. I don’t have time to worry about complications about who we are allowed to feed, or what we are allowed to feed them. We just need to feed them.”


He closes out telling us that he loves creating a fellowship atmosphere as it always feels like a fulfilling family outing.

Los is aiming to conduct his next Feed The ‘Hood event February 2018!

Carlos thanks both his intermediate and extended family for the continued support.

We see you, Carlos!