#Roommates, it’s been about a month since Kevin McCall got into a physical altercation with local police officers while at an Atlanta courthouse. The whole incident was caught on video—and now he’s officially been indicted with a host of new charges.

Kevin McCall’s legal troubles just continue to get worse, as his recent physical altercation with Atlanta police that resulted in several injuries, could have him behind bars. @TMZ_TV reports that a Georgia grand jury has officially indicted Kevin on three counts for his role in the altercation last month with an Atlanta police sergeant, which started because he refused to stop recording on his phone in the courthouse.

According to official legal documents, Kevin’s charges include two misdemeanor counts, which are obstruction of a law enforcement officer by use of threats or violence and terroristic threats. He’s also being charged with criminal damage to property in the second degree, which is a felony count.

Elsewhere in the indictment, it also alleges that Kevin wrestled with the police officer, attempted to hit him, resisted arrest and made threats of aggravated assault. The felony criminal damage to property is because Kevin allegedly damaged the officer’s eyeglasses intentionally.

Although Kevin has yet to respond to this latest legal issue, he has previously stated that the video of the altercation clears him of any wrongdoing and shows that he was the victim. He also said that he plans to sue the officers for racial discrimination and for the injuries he sustained.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?