Yesterday, we reported that Papa Johns founder John Schnatter apologized for using the N-word during a company conference call back in May.

Shortly after he issued his apology he resigned from his position as the chairman of the company’s board of directors.

According to ABC News, the company made the announcement late-Wednesday night and accepted his resignation as they were already planning to replace him within the upcoming weeks.

Schnatter also decided to resign from his position on the University of Louisville’s board of trustees. He served on the school’s board for two years.

As we previously reported, during a May conference call, Schnatter brought up his comments about the NFL and complained that “Colonel Sanders called blacks n—-s” but he never faced public backlash.

Late last year Schnatter stepped down as CEO after he faced backlash for saying NFL players should stand for the National Anthem, and that their protests were hurting his company’s sales.



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