#Roommates, it looks like #Tekashi69 has plans to leave the big house as early as this September! Since his arrest last year in November, Tekashi has been working with law enforcement to get a reduced sentence and his efforts could potentially pay off.


According to @TMZ_TV, Tekashi’s attorney Dawn Florio, think his chances of getting out of jail this year is extremely likely. Tekashi and his crew was busted on racketeering charges, but with the help of Tekashi, prosecution has been able to put away almost all of his former associates.


His former manager, #Shotti recently pled guilty, making now 5 of his former associates accepting charges that face major prison time. Tekashi himself was facing up to 47 years if convicted but this is where the good news comes in.


Given that Tekashi has been instrumental in helping the prosecution prove these men were involved in many different violent crimes, his counsel is hoping that the case won’t have to go to trial. Saving many people time and money. In return, his counsel hopes that the judge in his case will grant 6ix9ine time served. If the judge grants this his request, Tekashi can potentially walk free because he’s fulfilled his obligations under the cooperation agreement with authorities.


As of now, that’s their only hope on getting him out. The judge in the case obviously has the final say on what his sentencing could be after he’s been cooperating but, can you imagine if Tekashi 69 becomes a free man this year?! Not too shabby considering he was facing 47 years!


On the bright side, he’ll be able to be around his friends and family but on the other, the entire situation can compromise his safety!


Source: https://www.tmz.com/2019/04/08/tekashi-6ix9ine-plea-deal-jail-release-racketeering-trial/?adid=hero3