#TSRWhatIfz: #Roommates, we love a good biopic, and if we had to keep it all the way real, we’d say the movies about music groups are always the juiciest!

Don’t believe us? Just think about all the tea, drama and hit songs in “Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story,” “The New Edition Story,” and for all of our ‘80 and ‘90 babies #Roomies, we can’t forget about “The Jacksons: The American Dream” and “The Five Heartbeats”!!!

Check out our list of group biopics that we KNOW would be juicy and fully entertaining if done right! Which one are y’all here for the most?! #FilmmakersWhereYallAt 🍿📷: @GettyImages — Produced by @streamlinedmedia, Graphic design by @TylerSimien

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E.! @myeisha.essex & Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne