Twitter Blames Inconveniences On Roc Nation & Jay-Z

Twitter Users Cut Up By Blaming Roc Nation & Jay-Z For Their Misfortunes

While Queen Naija is usually the one who’s blamed for anything and everything under the sun, social media users have a new scapegoat: Roc Nation.

Tory Lanez’s Father, Sonstar Peterson, Accidentally Sparked The Trend

Sonstar Peterson, Tory Lanez’s dad, got the ball rolling on Friday, Dec. 23. After a Los Angeles jury found Tory guilty on all three charges in the Megan Thee Stallion assault trial, Sonstar popped off inside the courtroom, according to Law & Crime journalist Meghann Cuniff.

Tory’s father carried his rant out to the front of the courthouse, where he made his feelings on the ruling loud and clear.

“I just stood here in this Los Angeles [court] and witnessed the worst miscarriage of justice that this world has ever seen.”

Sonstar then proceeded to bash attorney Alex Spiro, along with Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez. He also called out Jay-Z and “the whole wicked system of Roc Nation, including Jay-Z.”

In a separate clip, Sonstar passionately proclaimed that—by the powers above—Roc Nation will “crumble”

“My God almighty, I call Heaven and Earth…Roc Nation, you will crumble! I am an apostle of God, and you will know who I am!”

Twitter Users Run With The Roc Nation Excuse

With Sonstar declaring that Roc Nation is to blame for Tory Lanez being convicted, Twitter soon began having a field day.

Many humorously expressed that they were initially in disbelief over the accusation.

One user pointed out that, rather than Roc Nation, maybe Sonstar should be giving Tory’s defense the side-eye.  Sonstar was also implored to take accountability for his son’s “life choices.”

However, people swiftly jumped on the bandwagon and began calling Roc Nation and Jay-Z out for any and all inconveniences.

Despite the widespread blame being placed on Roc Nation, users agreed that the agency can’t be responsible for Sonstar’s poor fashion choices.

In addition to people blaming Roc Nation, users also poked fun at how Jay-Z and his family must have reacted to Sonstar’s comments.

What do you think about this trend, and do you plan on blaming Roc Nation for all your troubles throughout 2023?


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