Ashley Graham Defended From Fatphobia, But What About Lizzo?

Twitter Defends Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Amid Body Shaming, Fans Want Lizzo To Get Same Support

Ashley Graham, a plus-size model, received an outpouring of support after being body shamed by a public figure.

Journalist Sameera Khan: ‘The Fat Positivity Movement Is Getting Out Of Hand’

It all began after Sameera Khan—a journalist and beauty pageant titleholder—issued a now-deleted tweet on Sunday night.

Sameera specifically uploaded two photos of Ashley wearing a dainty dress, and she wrote, “The fat positivity movement is getting out of hand.”

She also mom-shamed Ashley and went as far as to dub her as a “(fat) wh*re.”

Sameera went on to allege that “poor, stressed-out men prefer fat women like Ashley Graham.”

Twitter Sides With Ashley Graham, Who Sparked An Empowering Trend

Once Sameera’s tweet began to pick up traction, it swiftly became the talk of the timeline, and Sameera was getting eaten up!

People went in on the journalist, with one supporter saying she must’ve “caught her man looking at Ashley Graham’s IG.”

Some users shared that the attempt at shaming Ashley was a full-on flop and basically backfired.

Others disregarded the hate and showered the model in love.

Ashley herself soon chimed in as well, though she chose to take the high road and sparked a trend that unapologetically celebrated body positivity.

Swiftly, others began to share photos of themselves embracing their bodies. As a result, Sameera’s tweet only inspired people to be take “fat positivity” even further!

Where’s The Love For Lizzo, Though?

Amid the support for Ashley, however, some began to question whether those “whose ‘plus-size’ bodies don’t conform to societal standards of beauty” would get the same validation.

Lizzo in particular was brought up, as many felt that people wouldn’t have the same positive energy for the “Rumors” singer.

Despite this, many fans relished in the fact that Ashley Graham and Lizzo stay living in critics’ heads rent-free. In the words of Nicki Minaj, “F**k them skinny b***hes!”



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