Tyrese Responds To Comedian Spanky Spreading Gay Rumors About Him & Morris Chestnut! He Destroys Spanky!

Tyrese Responds To Comedian Spanky Spreading Gay Rumors About Him & Morris Chestnut! He Destroys Spanky!


Earlier today, news spread like wildfire when the blogs got wind of Wild-N-Out Comedian Spanky ‘s comment about Tyrese that led people to think he could be gay. Spanky alleged that he made it to the final round of auditions for the movie Baby Boy that was directed, produced, and written by John Singleton. According to Spanky, he made it to the final round along with Tyrese out of 30 plus candidates. Spanky then alleges that after reading his lines, the producer (legendary John Singleton was the producer of the movie) said:

I love both of you guys, both of you are talented. But which one of you guys gonna — my —- .”

Spanky claims that he refused the proposition but Tyrese was hesitant to say no. In addition to this, Spanky also alleged that he went to Morris Chestnut’s house and saw some activities that would lead anyone to believe he was playing for the other team as well. This includes a game of nude basketball.

Well, there was a good reason we didn’t report Spanky’s comments. Simply because there is no absolute way this could be true. We aren’t saying things like this don’t go down in the entertainment world because we KNOW that is not the case. However, this particular story involving Tyrese is completely false because of numbers… allow us to explain.

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Tyrese released an eight minute long video on Facebook responding to the accusations. Not only did he ether Spanky, but he provided some facts that make it impossible for the rumors to be true.

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First, Tyrese explained that the role for Baby Boy was initially written for Tupac Shakur. When Tupac was killed John Singleton had only one other person in mind and it was Tyrese. In fact, Tyrese claims that he never had to audition against other men. The only audition he went to was to choose his the role for his love interest (Taraji P. Henson) and the role of his mother in the movie.

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Secondly, the numbers simply don’t make sense. Baby Boy came out in July of 2001 and Spanky Hayes is only 28 years old and his birthday is in January. This would mean that at the time John Singleton was holding auditions for Baby Boy Spanky would have only been 13/14 years old since the auditions were held prior to the movie’s actual release in July. At that time, Tyrese had to be around 20/21 years old. If you’ve seen the movie then you will understand there was no way a boy that young could pull off the part.

So it’s solved, Spanky is a comedian and was clearly joking and we can assume the same for his story about Morris Chestnut. However, it does benefit you to watch Tyrese’s video for a good LAUGH and a tour around his large mansion.

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