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Uber Expands With The UberChopper!

Uber said what competition?! So how about Uber has upgraded from your conventional taxi ride to helicopter services.

Yes they did! 
Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents are enjoying Uber’s latest launch, the Uber Chopper! 
So basically the way it’s set up is, it holds up to six paying passengers who request a lift in the traditional uber request manner (via the Uber app.) And get this: each ride starts at £410 ($612) and only runs hourly, Friday through Sunday. 
Officials say their goal is to “deliver luxury, convenience, and sky-high style all at the tap of a button.”

Surprisingly, however, we learned that Dubai isn’t the pilot for the Uber Chopper services. According to Metro, these services have been provided in the past at major events. Clearly it was something worth further experimentation! They’ve even offered a trial run around their city for free. 

We just want to know will they be making Their way to the US and if so, WHEN?! 

Source: Metro, http://metro.co.uk/2015/11/29/you-can-get-an-uber-helicopter-5533176/#ixzz3t7Puf72c
TSR intern: Chantel P.! Instagram: @_POPchanny | Twitter: @POPchanny


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