Video Shows What Happened The Night Johnny Hollman Died

Video Reveals What Happened The Night Johnny Hollman Died | TSR Investigates Updatez

Johnny Hollman had just left Bible study and was headed home when a minor car accident escalated to his death. Hollman was 62. Now, bodycam footage and an autopsy report are shedding new light on what happened on Aug. 10.

As previously reported, Hollman contacted police after a minor car accident between him and another driver. After waiting about an hour, per his daughter Arnitra, former officer Kiran Kimbrough arrived on the scene and determined that Johnny was at fault.

A previous statement from the Atlanta Police Department claimed Johnny Hollman was “agitated and uncooperative.” The situation, per APD, escalated after Kimbrough attempted to detain Hollman, and “a struggle ensued.”

Watch the initial reports of the incident below.

Footage & Autopsy Reveal Taser’s Shock Influenced Johnny Hollman’s Death

Now, bodycam footage obtained by The Shade Room shows the moments before, during, and after Hollman’s detainment. TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter walks us through the triggering footage and reveals what ultimately caused Johnny Hollman to pass away.

The footage supports Hollman’s daughter Arnitra’s horrifying picture of that night. She had been talking to her father on the phone before former officer Kiran arrived and while he attempted to detain Hollman.

“[The officer] was hollering at [Johnny Hollman], talking to him crazy. You know, using profanity. Arnitra told TSR Investigates in September. And then I could hear my father start to say you doing an old man like me like this, I can’t breathe, my asthma acting up. And then he started to say help help.”

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About 3:15 into the latest TSR Investigates Updatez episode, Kiran Kimbrough is seen pressing an active taser into Johnny Hollman for a few seconds. He did so at least two times. He also had assistance from a nearby tow truck driver in detaining Hollman.

Immediately after the tasing ceased, Hollman was unresponsive. At that point, the officer called for EMS backup, revealing that Hollman was “bleeding pretty bad.” The video shows Kiran nudging Hollman and attempting to get the 62-year-old to “get up.” His efforts were “too late,” Carter said in the episode, adding that Johnny Hollman later passed away at the hospital.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner, Dr. Karen Sullivan, determined Johnny Hollman died after his heart rhythm was interrupted by the stun of Kiran Kimbrough’s taser. The report did add that Hollman also had pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, chronic pulmonary disease, and diabetes.

Dr. Karen Sullivan determined the manner of death to be a homicide. APD fired Kiran in early October in connection to this incident.

Watch the episode below to see what Johnny Hollman’s daughter and family plan to do next.

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