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Wale Steps Into The Shade Room To Clear Up Tweet About Kendrick Lamar

Lordt, these Grammy nominations definitely have everyone throwing shade and trees all over the place! Earlier today, we posted a tweet Wale sent to a fan that seemed to be shade towards Kendrick Lamar.

A fan tweeted him saying, “You & Kendrick should tour. You both are equally into live music, instruments & both have different style & content. I’d go.” He then responded saying, “Ain’t answered that phone since the last nomination. I get the Demi Lavato treatment from him now. It’s hard out here.”

Well that tweet didn’t sit well with rapper, Jay Rock, as he clapped back saying, “@Wale I see why you not MMG. SMH”… and he definitely tweeted in all caps so you knew it was real! Wale must gave caught wind of the tweet on our page and decided to clear up what he said on Twitter.

He commented saying,

“I’ll step in the room again. Ppl will try to stir the pot.. But that’s just the way the “industry” is now. I just said I been able to reach homie for quite some time. But times where people stir the pot its easy to take things negatively. There’s no beef. No way I could even bark up that tree.. My business isn’t strong enough.. That’s like bringing a… Ah nvm u guys get it lol. I got respect for Jay Rock as he felt like maybe I was slighting..But I’m very very upfront when there’s… “shade” (see what I did there).. I deliver it priority mail when it’s necessary.. I’m sorry to inform, that there is none right now. I know people will stir the pot and I understand Jay Rock’s position.. I answered a fan question with an honest answer.. I sure hope there is a place for honesty amongst us moving forward. Sometimes we create pseudo, makeshift enemy’s out of being instigated to do such or out of plain old misinterpretation… Hope this clears up some of this.”

We always love Wale’s straight up honesty and it is safe to say there hopefully won’t be a Meek vs Drake part 2 with Wale and Kendrick Lamar. Although, we think that battle would be epic! Lets chat below!

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue on IG


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