Nail Tech Goes Viral For Refusing Designs Deemed Un-Christian

Christian Cuticles Only! Washington Nail Tech Goes Viral After Listing Designs Her Christian-Based Business Refuses To Offer

A Lakewood, Washington, nail technician went viral after sharing the designs she will no longer create.

The woman took to Instagram to share the “sets that” she doesn’t “offer now that [she’s] a fully Christian-based business.”

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Nail Tech Says No To Astrology

The Instagram user @prettyclaws253 declared certain designs don’t align with her beliefs.

The nail tech stated that she no longer does astrological signs. “I truly believe it’s demonic. I don’t play with none of that. I don’t play with spirits, so personally, I just do not offer any type of set. That goes for charms. Drawing the sign, ya know, any of that,” she explained.

Additionally, she mentioned that “the evil eye” was a design that she refused to create.

The Lakewood woman explained, “Or just the one eye period. I know there’s a lot of controversy on that, but, personally, I just don’t — I’m not doing it.”

She acknowledged that other cultures use the symbol, and she “respects it” and “understands.” However, she would not paint the design. @prettyclaws253 added that there are other nail techs available who can create the design.

No To Angel Numbers & Trendy Crosses

Furthermore, she said she would not design “angel numbers” on nail sets. According to Allure, angel numbers are repeating numbers (333, 444, 555) that can be messages from the spiritual realm. The nail tech said, “I don’t know what angels you guys are following, but you’re not supposed to be worshipping any other deities. Or idolizing anything…”

“It’s all witchcraft. I ain’t even bout to go into all that,” she stated.

Moreover, she added that she will not paint “trendy crosses.” She said she “will not put on a charm of a cross upside down or nor will I do anything that mocks God.”  In addition, the tech stated she would not create a “skull and cross bones” design. However, she said if her client were “doing it for the right reasons, “ she “would love to draw it.” The technician reiterated that she would not make the design on clients doing “it for unholy reasons.”

Do you agree with the nail tech’s POV?

Check out her full explanation below:

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