Big Scarr’s Family Slammed After Music Video Is Filmed At Funeral

WATCH: Big Scarr’s Family Slammed After His Brother Shoots Music Video At His Funeral

Family members of late rapper Big Scarr have landed themselves in hot water with the rapper’s girlfriend and social media users. On Monday, the late rapper’s girlfriend, known on social media as Kear, shared an enraged message with his loved ones via Instagram.

Big Scarr’s Girlfriend Slammed The Family For Their “Embarrassing” Actions At His Funeral And On Social Media

Kear shared the post on January 9th, 2023 reportedly after Scarr’s funeral took place. In the post, she slammed the family for putting his personal business on social media. She also addressed them for allegedly wearing his chains in footage shared on social media.

Scarr’s girlfriend called the family’s actions “embarrassing” and “clout chasing.” And added that she “can’t even grieve in peace.”

Y’all really FAILED Alex as family & friends. Y’all aired ALL his personal business out, from the preparation to the funeral till afterwards. Wtf happened to privacy?? Flexing in his jewelry like it’s yours. PUT HIS SH** UP! He not here to put it on you so don’t wear his sh**. EMBARRASSING as hell. It’s only one BIG SCARR he can never be duplicated! Can’t even grieve in peace! Too much clout chasing going on! Sh** disgusting!

Big Scarr’s Brother Recorded Filming Music Video At His Funeral

To make matters worse, funeral attendees reportedly captured footage of the late rapper’s brother, Quezz Ruthless, apparently filming a music video at his funeral.

The footage, which surfaced online, showed Quezz standing outside of the funeral home. In the video, it appears that he is surrounded by fellow family members and friends, which even included Scarr’s father.

Big Scarr’s Brother Seemingly Addresses The Filming Of The Music Video

Big Scarr’s brother, Quezz Ruthless, took to Instagram on Tuesday evening. And seemingly addressed the backlash that he and the family received for shooting the music video.

Mane y’all say anything

He wrote on his Instagram Story with a few laughing emojis.

Quezz then shared a preview of the music video on his Instagram page with a short caption.

I’m dropping at 9:30 LONG LIVE MY BROTHER STANK🕊🤞🏾🖤®️ @bigscarr I LOVE YOU AN IM STICKING TO THE PLAN GOING ALL THE WAY FOR US‼️💯#BIGGRG Shot by @topchartproductions

Since then, the music video has officially been released on YouTube. And the song, titled “Frozen Heart” (Tribute to Big Scarr), features another rapper named BankRoll Tink.

In the video, Quezz Ruthless can clearly be seen sporting his brother’s “1017” chains.

Social Media Users React To Quezz’s Music Video Being Filmed During Big Scarr’s Funeral

Instagram users quickly took to Quezz Ruthless’s comment section to share their thoughts about him filming a music video at his brother’s funeral. And wearing his chains.

Bruh yall didnt buried him with his chains everywhere scar went he had his chains on ik yhu his lil brother but bro that aint right


rapping about taking drugs and that was the cause of your brother’s death is crazy 😵‍💫🤔


You shot a video at a funeral y’all couldn’t pay for?


Alexa play gucci – publicity stunt


Why did you shoot that video on gucci tab


No respect! At ALL


Using your brother’s death to take his place is crazy.


The Family Previously Called Out Gucci Mane For Allegedly Refusing To Pay For Scarr’s Funeral Cost And Asking For His “1017” Chains Back

Scarr’s family has been involved in a heated back and forth with Gucci Mane and his wife Keyshia Ka’oir since the rapper’s passing. At first, the family accused Gucci of reneging on his decision to pay for the rapper’s funeral costs.

His brother, Quezz Ruthless, also took to social media and added that Gucci Mane asked for Big Scarr’s chains back. He added that the family would not comply, and Gucci Mane wasn’t happy with that, there would be some problems.

You not getting them chains, bruh. You ain’t even text and check on the family, but you text about some chains. I can’t believe you, cuh! You betta not come trying to get these chains. We gon’ have a real problem.

Then, Big Scarr’s sister admitted that Gucci sent over $20,000. But added that it wouldn’t be enough to cover total funeral costs. And the money would only pay for “obituaries and flowers.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Big Scarr passed away after a reported overdose of prescription pills in December.

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