WATCH: Bishop Lamor Whitehead Challenges Uncle Murda

WATCH: Bishop Lamor Whitehead Challenges Uncle Murda To ‘Meet In The Boxing Ring’ For ‘Rap Up 2022’ Diss

Bishop Lamor Whitehead has concerns outside of the federal charges he’s facing. The Brooklyn pastor, who’s being accused of defrauding his parishioners, is now focused on getting in the boxing ring with Uncle Murda.

“Meet The Bishop In The Boxing Ring”

Whitehead took to Instagram earlier this week to share the announcement. And even went so far as to tag Uncle Murda and 50 Cent.

Join Me Live @12:30pm Today On IG @iambishopwhitehead And Facebook @Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead , I Will Be Responding To @unclemurda About The Rap Up #2022 Song !
I thought We Was Cool. @50cent I Have A Proposal For You!

Put The Bag Up For Your Boy @unclemurda And Let’s Meet In The Boxing Ring! @theshaderoom @balleralert @bet@power1051 @drinkchamps @fatjoe @floydmayweather@celebrityboxing1 @zabjudah @miketyson @showtimeboxing

Shortly after, Uncle Murda responded in the post’s comment section.

🥊 🥊🥊🥊😂🤣🙏🏿
Whitehead then posted an old clip of him and Uncle Murda. He captioned the post, still amping up a boxing match.
Even Though You Threw Me Under The Bus In Your Song #RapUp #2022 You Are Still My Brother . I Remember When You Came into my Pulpit And Spoke Highly Of Me 💪🏾 Let’s Have Some Fun. #Boxing Match @iambishopwhitehead And @unclemurda ! @50cent Let’s Put Up A 💼 I Got Mines. @theshaderoom @balleralert @fatjoe@floydmayweather @miketyson @zabjudah

“Let’s Get In The Ring”

Whitehead then hopped on Instagram Live to share more thoughts about Uncle Murda and his “Rap Up 2022.”

Let me just say this ya’ll, me and Uncle Murda ain’t got no beef, me and 50 ain’t got no beef…it’s all love. They rap, they do what they gotta do, however when I listened to the ‘Rap Up,’ I said, ‘Dang Uncle. Dang man, Uncle Murda man, I ain’t really like that. I’m from Brooklyn; if you’re friends with somebody and y’all have a disagreement, you put on the boxing gloves… I love Uncle Murda, man, he’s always been cool. I just don’t like the ‘Rap Up.’ Let’s get in the ring, man. Let’s get in the ring.

Uncle Murda’s Lyrics

In the “Rap Up 2022,” Uncle Murda rapped about the alleged robbery that occurred while Bishop Whitehead was giving a sermon at his church in July 2022. The incident was previously reported by The Shade Room.

Man niggas ran up in the church like it’s a stickup
It was only 8 people in there when the robbed the bishop
When I heard about it real talk I burst out laughing
God don’t like ugly that’s why he let that shit happen
He was out here scamming people in the name of god
Feds came and locked up him I know he was a fraud
He be dressing like a rapper that shit ain’t even funny
He be buying Louis and Gucci with them people money

Since the alleged robbery, Whitehead has been charged with two counts of wire fraud, one count of extortion, and one count of making false statements to the FBI. As The Shade Room previously reported, Whitehead has also been accused of defrauding $90,000 from one of his parishioners.

The Brooklyn pastor allegedly used the money he defrauded to pay for “luxury goods and other personal expenses.”

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