Roommates, it looks like Wendy Williams and her estranged husband Kevin Hunter’s divorce is officially final y’all! Now, roommates we don’t have to go over all of the tea… but you know we will! Wendy wasn’t having it with her husband and business partner Kevin after he allegedly fathered a daughter with his mistress. The allegation was so huge, Wendy had to step in and fire Kevin from being her manager and production partner.

Unfortunately, things took an even messier turn after her son, Kevin Jr., got into it with his dad over the allegations. The two reportedly got into a physical fight when he found out about his father’s alleged indiscretions. Though Kevin Jr. has been cleared of any wrong doing, he did have to attend court with Wendy right by his side! Thankfully, now that the dust has settled, Wendy is getting back to her life and continuing her hot girl legacy!

According to TMZ, Wendy is a free woman and has opted to reportedly split may of their joint assets down the middle.Legal documents specify that the home that Wendy & Kevin lived in together in New Jersey was put up for sale and will be split 50/50. In addition, Wendy reportedly gets to keep the house they have in Florida while Kevin reportedly keeps the proceeds of another NJ home they had.

Houses aside, the pair apparently owned equal shares of their production company, but Kev will reportedly sell his share back to her, making her the sole owner! Ms. Williams has been very adamant that she is ready to be OUT HERE doing her thing and living her absolute best life! She’s even hinted to being open to finding love again and finding a manssss she can have a good time with. I can only imagine just how hard a divorce is, much less in front of the world to watch and scrutinize, so it’s nice to see this outcome. Congrats!