Roommates, we all know Wendy Williams has been having a hot girl summer. She’s been spotted in clubs with celebs, she was photographed holding hands with a  27-year-old ting, she’s been at all the “it” parties, but Wendy slowed things down and talked about the bigger picture when she stopped by the Dr. Oz Show.

During the interview, Wendy confirmed that she definitely wants to walk down the aisle again, but this time with very specific terms.

Wendy said she opened up to her mom about her dating life and what she has planned for the future. She went on to say: “I said, ‘Mommy, I’m a wife, I’m not a girlfriend. And I will get married again. And I will have a prenuptial agreement.’ She also added: And “we will not be living in the same house. Oh no, no, marriage under new circumstances, that’s it. That freedom of turning that key, or electing, ‘Alright, let’s stay at your place tonight, let’s stay at my place tonight.”

Now, I don’t know how many of you #Roommates are married, but the idea is interesting. Just playing devil advocate really quickly, if we find ourselves being progressive in other areas of our lives, should we still keep the same social norms for marriage? The idea of husband and wife seem unorthodox to say the least, BUT, don’t front Rommates, when bae is getting on your nerves, I know that thought would come in handy!

Our girl Wendy also added when it comes to her new found relationship, she doesn’t want much from her partner except two things, saying: “I don’t want anything from you except your love and respect.”

We hope Wendy finds love and enters a beautiful marriage when that time comes!