Recently, the #10YearChallenge has been really popular out here in these Instagram streets. However, the 2000 film “Seventeen Again” is almost two times over that challenge, and Mark Taylor, one of the stars from the film, is still out here looking exactly the same as he continues to add to his acting resume.

We all know Mark to star as the younger version of Grandpa Gene in the film alongside Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, and Tahj Mowry. However, he has been flexing his acting chops throughout the years, starring in films and television shows both here in the states and in Canada, where he is originally from.

I caught up with him to see what it was like working with Tia and Tamera, his views on the film and television industry today, and also his upcoming projects we can look forward to.

When asked what it was like to work with the Mowry twins on “Seventeen Again,” 19 years ago, he said, It was great working with the twins on ‘Seventeen Again.’ Their presence set such an enjoyable tone on set for everyone. Like myself, they’re committed to their craft and have fun being creative, which is a big reason why the film is so memorable. Good times, great people!”


Throughout your career, you’ve been in multiple television shows and films. You’re originally from Canada and have done some of your projects there as well. What would you say is different about being a part of an American production versus a Canadian production? Or is there a difference?

 “Yes, I would say there are subtle differences between working on Canadian vs American productions, but generally the director and lead actors set the tone. For me though, the energy of most sets are really influenced by the city and culture theyʼre shot in. The vibe of the people, how they interact with each other, their conversations, jokes, how they relate to life and with others, all have a big effect on my experience of a project. I had the fortunate opportunity to work on a project in Russia recently, which was unique as I donʼt speak the language. I developed a deep appreciation of their vibe and love on set.”


Do you think the film and television industry is becoming more diverse, in terms of having actors and actresses of color in their productions? 

“Undeniably, much progress has been made in the area of diversity in the film and television industry, and Iʼm very excited about that. I do believe there is a lot more progress to be made, but itʼs heading in the right direction. It is very important to the heart and psychology of people to experience more personal forms of relatability through a story and creative expression.”


You recently starred opposite of Christina Milian in the film “Memories of Christmas,” what other projects can our Roommates look forward to from you?  Are there any people, in particular, you would love to work with next? 

 “It was great working with Christina Milian in ‘Memories of Christmasʼ. She was open, down-to-earth and brought a playfulness to our scenes.”

“People can also check me out in the series Umbrella Academy on Netflix, the TV series Insomnia on STARZ Worldwide.”

“Working with Denzel would be surreal. Iʼd download everything I learned from that experience. I would also love to work with The Rock, the energy on his sets must be insane!! I love Zoe Saldañaʼs passion and honesty and Michael B. Jordanʼs intensity and fearlessness. Theyʼre also high on my list of future co-stars.”


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