Roommates, y’all know that the Clermont twins always find themselves in headlines and though they’ve been keeping a low profile, they recently popped back up with a new look! The twins got on Instagram and revealed their new lips courtesy of a doctor that gave them a lil’ extra on their top lips!

Granted, maybe their lips are still a little swollen but whew, that’s definitely an ENHANCEMENT honey!

Now we all know there’s been a few celebrities who have opted for a little enhancements here and there. We recently reported that Queen Naija has gone under the knife for what she calls a “mommy makeover.” Lip kit Kylie obviously also gets her lips plumped every so often. But how much is too much Roommates? The new look could possibly be a ‘pick me up’  of sorts for Shannade Clermont, who we know will be serving time in the big house real soon.

As you already know, Shannade is about to go to jail for a year for her involvement in wire fraud where she allegedly used a dead man’s credit card information to go on a shopping spree before it got linked back to her. CLICK HERE for the tea!

Though Shannade, is on her way to prison, she’s been keeping a good attitude about it all. She went on Twitter and playfully wore a jail bird shirt at Coachella, then tweeted “Unbothered.”

It seems the plan is to go in and serve her time and come back out and continue to do their twin thing. We’re hoping they continue to maintain a good attitude while they’re away and we hope Shannade can do her time and come back even better!