Here we go again, #Roomies. It’s another case of someone being “sorry” only after being caught. An #Ohio contractor who followed a black man home in a road rage incident and repeatedly called him the n-word is now crying that his life has been ruined, according to The Root.

#JeffreyWhitman, owner of #UriahsHeatingandCooling, was real bold when he did all this from behind the wheel of his company truck, which was captured on camera when victim Charles Lovett demanded to know why the man followed him more than two miles to his home. The image of Whitman’s truck quickly spread online and now he says his business is in shambles due to complaints and negative #Yelp reviews.

“I’m out of business, I’m completely out, I’m done, I’ll never work in Columbus again,” Whitman told the #ColumbusDispatch. “This has completely and thoroughly ruined my life.” Whitman also apparently insists he’s not racist even after all this.

Should Whitman have thought about his business and his family before he decided to follow and harass Lovett?

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh