#Roommates, a former Butts County, Georgia police officer will be spending the next 15 years in the slammer after she made up a story about getting shot by an African-American man!

According to AJC, Sherry Hall got on her police radio and told her fellow po-po officers how she got shot in the chest by a black man. This all went down back in September 2016 and she described the male as a “6-foot, 230-pound African-American man wearing a green shirt and black jogging pants”. The bullet was found in her bullet proof vest, so luckily she didn’t suffer any injuries.  

Her little stint caused the whole community to be on alert because “of shootings of law enforcement officers nationwide that were said to be in retaliation for white officers killing black men.“

It was only a matter of time before everyone realized that sis was out here lying! Once the jury reviewed all the evidence, it was clear that she not only lost it, but tried to put it on a Black man at that. Her story didn’t even hold up in court once they started going over the all the evidence.

Via: AJC 

“First of all, she didn’t realize that her squad car’s video system was operating even though she’d failed to turn on the blue lights, Assistant District Attorney James Moss said. In the audio from that recording, you can hear only two shots being fired, not three, he said.”

“Three shell casings were found at the scene: two near the patrol car and one in the woods where Hall said her shooter had been.”

“As expected, the two casings near the car matched the gun Hall was carrying that night. But the one found in the woods matched a department-issued backup firearm that Hall kept in her nightstand, Moss said. And that gun’s firing pin, which would help further identify a bullet shot from the gun, had been tampered with.”

Sis got 15 years to think about what she did. 

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