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Who Knew America’s Next Top Model Still Breaking Records!

Tyra Banks changed the way that game reality shows competely when she started America’s Next Top Model. It started out on The CW in 2003, which used to be UPN for all of us 90’s+ babies, but switched over to the CW Network in 2006. 

ANTM is now on cycle 22 (season 16) and features a refreshingly diverse group of contestants, not just limited to race, but to size and stature– petite models are allowed for the very first time! Critics believe that these components have opened up the floodgates of the Nielsen Company, because this season is smashing records!

According to That Grape Juice, TV By The Numbers is reporting that ANTM, “was the series’ most watched telecast in more than 2 years, and was its highest rated episode in nearly 2 years. Last night’s episode was also its highest rated amongst people aged 18-34 A18-34 since the cycle 21 premiere.” The show brought in 1.3 mill watchers.

Now, aside from some of the contestants being just plain FOINE, it’s cool to see the show attempting to accept all forms of beauty. Back in 2012, Tyra told the Hollywood Reporter, 

“I created Top Model because I wanted to expand the definition of beauty and wanted a platform to do it. People think I just wanted to discover models, but that was secondary. I wanted to highlight atypical beauty, unique beauty, so the ugly-duckling girls at home who were not feeling beautiful could see other girls with a gap in their teeth or super pale or with big frizzy red hair being called beautiful and could feel better about themselves…Over the course of the years, the audience is now not just choosing the cheerleader or the pretty girl in the mall. They realize that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes with freckles and frizz.”

Tyra Banks has definitely pushed the envelope when it comes to the definition of beauty! Let’s chat below! 


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