Widow Spots Late Husband Eating In Restaurant Advertisement

Widow Sees Late Husband Eating In Restaurant Advertisement Despite Him Dying 9 Years Earlier

A British widow says she saw her late husband and his son in social media advertisements for an Indian restaurant, despite him dying back in 2014.

Lucy Watson was blindsided upon happening on one of the adverts, and responded to the clip by asking: “how old is this footage?”

“How Old Is This Footage?” Widow Asks After Seeing Late Husband In An Advertisement

“How old is the footage? My late husband and his son are on the first shot and he died in 2014??”

Adding to the confusion was the restaurant, Spice Cottage, chillingly replying the footage “was recorded last week.”

“Sorry to hear this. This footage was recorded last week,” the restaurant wrote back.

Social Media Left Wanting More Information, As Widow And Restaurant Turn Radio Silent

Lucy has yet to say anything else on the matter, leaving many on social media wondering what happened.

“I need to know what’s going on, ASAP,” one person wrote. “We need closure on this!” another posted. “Can we have an update? I’m invested now,” a third commented.

Some internet sleuths say the husband likely faked his own death, while others believe the entire thing was all just a publicity stunt for the restaurant to go viral.

If it was a stunt, it appears to have worked, with the restaurants Facebook post pushing 22K in views and hundreds of comments and likes.

If he did fake his own death, he’d actually be in a decent amount of company.

Pictured: Lucy Watson comments on Indian restaurant advertisement (Courtesy of Facebook.)

Former Professional Boxer Details Faking His Death After Learning Wife Hired Hitman To Kill Him

In 2019, a man explained how he faked his death to prove his wife had hired a hitman to murder him, according to the New York Post.

Roman Sosa, a former professional boxer from Houston, Texas, worked with detectives and a close friend back in 2015 after officers realized that his wife Maria was planning to have him killed.

Officers sent Maria photos of Roman lying down in a shallow grave to give her the impression that the hit against her husband had been completed.

“When investigators told me the plan, my first thought was, ‘You gotta be kidding me, man’” Sosa told Fox News Digital. “I thought they had enough evidence to arrest her. They told me, ‘Yeah, we do have enough evidence, but she’s a beautiful lady. She’s a mother of two, a member of the community. We don’t want to take a chance going to trial and one of the jurors feeling sorry for her. We want to show her a photo of you dead, get a reaction, and use it as evidence.’ And that’s how it all went down.”

Maria was arrested in 2015.


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