#Roommates, there are certain images that make you happy and change your entire mood for the better. That’s what happened earlier this week when Will Smith linked up with Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes and Martin Lawrence for an epic photo. Well now, he released video of the iconic moment and we simply can’t get enough.

As the world waits for the upcoming films, “Bad Boys 3” and “Coming To America 2,” the stars of both films are spending some quality time together while on set at Tyler Perry’s new $250 million Atlanta movie studio. Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes and Martin Lawrence were all recently spotted together having a blast—and social media is going absolutely crazy over the footage.

Always the one to get the party started, Will posted a video of getting Eddie, Wesley and Martin out of their trailers for some bonding time while they film two of next year’s most anticipated movies. “Bad Boys 3” is set to hit theaters in January 2020 and “Coming To America 2” is said to premiere during next year’s holiday season.

As a special treat, in the video footage you can spot a few of the co-stars of “Coming To America 2,” such as leading lady Shari Headley, who’s returning to her role as Lisa, and new addition Tracy Morgan.

It’s great to see so many of our Hollywood legends get together and bask in the incredible talent that each one possesses. We can’t wait to get our tickets for both movies!


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?