#Roommates, your 90s fashion dreams are coming true—and you have Will Smith to thank! If you’ve always envied Will’s fits on the hit sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” then you’re in luck because now you have the chance to borrow some of his style inspo.

Will Smith was easily one of the best-dressed 90s characters and there are still tons of people who attempt to recreate his style on a regular basis. As @PageSix reports, Will is stepping into the fashion world with a new athleisure clothing line that’s said to be inspired by his forever iconic character. The new clothing line is called Bel-Air Athletics and according to the official press release, the capsule collection is “grounded in the rebellion and individuality that Will’s character embodied on the show.”

The line is filled with limited-edition items that can be ordered through Will’s website until October 14th, so you better hurry if you want to add some of the styles to your fall wardrobe. Among the highlights of the collection include, a reversible “Academy” track jacket ($95) inspired by how Will always wore his school blazer inside out.

There are also other character-specific designs, such as a tie-dye T-shirt ($40) featuring a retro basketball graphic that changes color with body heat, Bel-Air Athletics hoodies for men and women ($60,) “Academy” track pants ($80,) a paisley-print shooter sleeve ($18), Will Smith air freshener ($6) and a paisley-print basketball ($60.)

Every item in the Bel-Air Athletics collection is limited edition and/or made to order. This is sure to be successful venture, and yet another entry in Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s holding company Westbrook Inc., which was created to oversee all Smith family global content and commerce businesses. You can shop the collection here.


Roommates, will you be copping some “Fresh Prince” merch?