With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies: Chris Brown's Street Crew Is Most Likely Behind Home Invasion

With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies: Chris Brown’s Street Crew Is Most Likely Behind Home Invasion

As we reported last week, the suspects in Chris Brown’s house invasion were people supposedly close to him and now Chris Brown is playing find the mole or in his case moles.

According to TMZ sources, Chris Brown’s posse had  “the talk” with him –“to 86 some members of his crew”… “immediately.” 

This is because Chris and the police are under the impression that the four guys broke into his home Wednesday morning weren’t just associates but very close friends. 

Word is the culprits may be some close friends, a club promoter, AND the Bloods!!!  

Unfortunately, some of them should just stick to day jobs. If it wasn’t for whoever in the crew with the big mouth babbling about about the specific $50k Chris received for a club appearance, the crew could have probably gotten away with it! 

Someone close to the singer said that it’s very rare Chris leaves large amounts of cash in his home or even in his possession…so that only means someone snitched on their self. 

And you already snitches get snitches but it seems like snitches who also steal from their own friends  and lock their aunties up in closet get dealt with in a different way!

A member of LAPD’s Gang Unit has now been assigned to the case. Hopefully they can solve the case before something worse happens. Chris Brown just needs to listen to his momma and stay away from the gang life! Let’s Chat Below!


Source: TMZ http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2015/07/20/chris-brown-betrayed-by-friends-in-home-invasion-robbery


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