Woman Injured At Lil Durk Concert Is Calling Out Phoenix Venue For Lack Of Security Measures (Exclusive)

Woman Injured At Lil Durk Concert Is Calling Out Phoenix Venue For Lack Of Security Measures (Exclusive)

TSR Exclusive: A woman who suffered a bloody leg injury during an abrupt end to Lil Durk’s concert Saturday night in Phoenix is speaking out against the venue in hopes of protecting future concertgoers.

Tahjee Gray, 23, said she traveled all the way to Arizona from Newark, New Jersey, with her best friend specifically to see Lil Durk perform at Phoenix’s Celebrity Theatre. She said they had a choice between Phoenix and Miami, and chose Arizona because they ironically thought that it would be the safer choice.

“My anger isn’t toward Durk,” Tahjee said. “My issue is with the establishment and putting thousands of people at risk.”

There are conflicting reports about what happened. While many attendees said they heard gunshots and that is what caused people to flee, organizers of Durkchella told TMZ the loud sound was a mic dropping on the stage. In any event, Tahjee blames poor security and lack of organization for the mass hysteria that left her and several others injured with non-life threatening injuries.

Tahjee said when she first arrived, the lines to get into the venue were chaotic and security wasn’t very tight. She alleges at one point that a crowd of people bum rushed the entrance and started grabbing chairs to sit in sections.

She claims many of those who rushed the entrance did not have their bags checked, nor were their tickets scanned.

“That was my first red flag,” Tahjee said.

She added that Lil Durk refused to come out until they cleared the stage as apparently people who shouldn’t have been backstage got past security.

After Durk went on around 8:30 p.m., she said the concert was great until the last song of the night, which is when she said the chaos ensued.

After the crowd heard those loud noises, Tahjee and the 10,000-plus people who attended reportedly dispersed, running in different directions.

Tahjee said she fell a few times as she fled the theatre and when she was about a block away, she noticed a large gash in her leg with blood gushing out.

Police radioed in her injury, assuming it was a graze from a bullet, though Tahjee said she still isn’t sure what the source of her injury was, only that she got treated at a nearby hospital and that it required seven stitches to patch up.

“It was a lot going on. We didn’t stay around to see what was happening,” Tahjee said. “My injury is the least of my concerns. My concern is that there were no safety measures at all.”

She added that she’s considering taking legal action against the theater.

“Security measures weren’t taken at all…There was no order,” she said. “I’m happy it’s a graze or cut. It could have been much worse.”

No one arrested from the incident and Lil Durk denounced previous media headlines of violence. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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