Yung Joc Thinks 'Bullyish' Behavior Will Lead To Downfall Of Female Rap Scene Yung Joc Predicts The Downfall Of Female Rap

Yung Joc Thinks ‘Bullyish’ Behavior Will Lead To Downfall Of Female Rap Scene

During an interview with VladTV, Yung Joc spoke on the poppin’ world of female rappers, and he thinks some deep-rooted issues can cause problems between women in the game.

Joc Says The Drama Is A Ticking Time Bomb: “Let’s Give It Another 180 Days”

The “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper started off by using a metaphor to explain why there always appears to be some sort of emerging beef between female rap stars.

“Let’s think of colonies. Let’s talk about bees and ants. The colony will do anything and everything for the Queen…Women are celebrated differently. They are held at a higher regard for certain things.”

He then alleged that — because they’re “held at a higher regard”—women in rap “don’t want to share the spotlight.” However, he says he understands the phenomenon, considering the nature of the game.

“Let’s just be for real: women don’t want to share, bro. And sometimes they don’t want to share the spotlight. Let’s just call it for what it is, and I understand. It’s already hard for women to find their place anyway.”

Joc proceeded to outright bet that the female rap scene won’t be as poppin’ by “this time next year.”

“Even now, you got all these female rappers. Let’s give it another 180 days. Let’s give it to this time next year and let’s see if we got this many female rappers that’s buzzing. I bet you it won’t be, because a lot of them are gonna phase out.

He Explicitly Mentions The Beef Between Nicki Minaj & Latto

Yung Joc also spoke on the recent drama that emerged between Nicki Minaj and Latto. As we previously reported, the issue related to the GRAMMY’s, as Nicki was upset that she was nominated for a pop category while Latto was recognized as a rap act.

The matter swiftly turned personal, and the artists ruthlessly went back and forth with each other on Twitter.

Regarding this situation, Joc said that it shows the dynamic of how it goes for women in rap.

“Women are very confrontational. More than men…Women don’t care. Women are going to say what’s on their mind. Women are very forthcoming. They’re very canny. Like this whole thing with Latto and Nicki.”

He went on to explain that, despite Nicki being “a little bullyish,” Latto refused to give in.

“Nicki is kind of bullyesque…I think Nicki as of late has been a little bullyish. And it’s not a diss, I’m being honest. She said what the f**k on her mind, and Latto didn’t back down in the situation.”

Switching to a more general message, Joc dished on how the age of social media can make matters worse. In fact, he said that it’s easy to get caught up and lost in the drama.

“We doing too much bickering. Social media allows us to do too much talking sometimes…What are we arguing about?”

Do you think Yung Joc’s thoughts on the future of poppin’ female rappers are accurate? Also, do you agree with his view that Nicki Minaj “is kind of bullyesque” with other women in the rap game?


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