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Yung Miami Shuts Down JT Pregnancy Rumors In Her Instagram Comment Section

Yung Miami already told folks they are “always trying to find something.” And on Thursday, social media users proved her right! Fans began flooding her Instagram comment section with pregnancy assumptions after posting a few flicks.But the assumptions weren’t targeting Yung Miami. People began speculating that JT might be baking a bun in her oven.

The Post In Question 

Yung Miami’s post featured three photos. In the first flick, both ladies are posing on a couch. JT poses on all fours with her face near Yung Miami’s and her long tresses covering her stomach area.

The second photo was taken in the same location, but this time JT is sitting upright. Yung Miami’s elbow rests in JT’s lap, while JT’s face pokes from behind Yung Miami’s shoulder. Once again, JT’s stomach is covered.

In the last photo, both ladies are sitting in a staircase with their legs crossed. A patterned body suit covers JT’s bare stomach, but the area is half visible.

Yung Miami Responds

None of the photos show any clear indication of pregnancy, yet social media users wouldn’t let the rumor go. When one commenter wrote “JT is pregnant,” Yung Miami responded with a clap back.

“No she not,” Yung Miami wrote. “Y’all aggravating af with that. She’s not pregnant!”

JT Already Told Y’all What’s Good

This isn’t the first time a JT pregnancy rumor has made its rounds. Recently, fans believed JT to be pregnant after she posted a selfie wearing what appeared to be a wristband for nausea. The rumor popped up again after a hairstylist posted a video of JT in September with an emoji covering her stomach area.

Fed up, JT addressed the chit-chat herself both on Instagram and Twitter.

“It’s getting weird,” JT wrote on Instagram. “I told him put an emoji there because my pants were dirty but I still liked the video, I shouldn’t even have to constantly tell a bunch of strangers I’m not hiding sh*t. I’m not pregnant now leave me the hell alone.”

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