Zonnique & Bandhunta Izzy Go Viral W/ Relationship Revelation

Whew! Watch Viral Video of Zonnique & Bandhunta Izzy Talking About How Their Child Has Impacted Their Relationship

Zonnique Pullins and her boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy have gone viral after revealing some things about their relationship.

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Zonnique & Bandhunta Izzy Get Candid

On Tuesday, January 9, the couple uploaded a question-and-answer video to their YouTube channel, ‘The Hunta Family.‘ About eight minutes into the footage, Zonnique asked her boyfriend if they would be together if they didn’t share daughter, who is 3.

Izzy bluntly said, “No.”

“I feel like… you had an image in your mind of raising Hunter in a two-parent home,” he explained. “So you tolerated a lot of s**t, so you just stayed — I wouldn’t be with you neither.”

Zonnique then told Izzy not to speak for her but to explain his own reasoning.

“I have four kids, and this is the only kid I was in the household with from start to finish, so it’s something that I don’t want to take from her as well,” he continued. “But I would’ve been kicked you to the god***n curb.”

Izzy alleged that Zonnique does things he just “doesn’t tolerate.” From there, Zonnique encouraged him to inform the viewers about her actions.

“Your attitude, first of all… I don’t deal with that s**t from nobody,” Izzy explained.

At that point, the pair’s YouTube video cut to the next question.

In the comment section of the clip, fans weighed in, mainly criticizing the couple’s revelation and exchange.

“I’m sorry but can the ones saying they want a longer video explain to me why ? This seems toxic and embarrassing. He basically told her he doesn’t want her and he is tolerating the relationship. They both need to figure out how to be healed and healthy together or separate , cause this not okay. Far from being it!”
“For those saying we need part two no we don’t. She needs to run and never look back. She’s blocking who God really has for her. He’s childish and needs some counseling. Your too pretty to deal with this sis. I don’t think he loves you he’s only here for baby hunter. 🥲
“As someone who is currently working towards finally separating myself from a man who I was on and off (mostly on) with for 8 years, I refuse to watch another young beautiful woman settle for a guy who shown the world loud and clear that not only he doesn’t love her, hell he doesn’t even like her, but he doesn’t respect her either. This is so sad… I hope she sees what’s really going on here…”

The Mother Of One Responds As Social Media Weighs In

On Friday, January 12, Zonnique took to X, formerly known as Twitter. The 27-year-old mother of one seemingly responded to the video’s feedback by sharing that she isn’t “pressed.”

Additionally, Zonnique appeared to seemingly reveal her true romantic preference.

“y’all think I’m pressed about being in a relationship with a man whole time I like women… omg it’s 2024 y’all still invested in other people business,” she wrote.

Swipe below to read the 27-year-old’s tweet and watch a clip of the couple’s sitdown.

Social media users continued to weigh in on the couple’s interaction in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @just_us_seasonings wrote.

“D**n he act like he hate her 🥴”
While Instagram user @_j.nicole__ added.

“He gives…. ‘I’m just here for my daughter’ & I don’t like that for her. She’s young! He’s saying he’s forced to be there without saying it…. Go live your young beautiful life hun😌”

Instagram user @itsnovamoon wrote.

“This makes me extremely uncomfortable 🥴 He said a MOUTHFUL. Girl run. Fast.”

Others seemed to criticize the couple for making their private exchange public.
Instagram user @thequeenchioma added.

“Y’all put y’all business out there . Nobody was invested…”

While Instagram user @yani_loves_ye wrote.
“No one asked for a live Q&A. Sounds self inflicted to me 🤷🏽‍♀️”
Instagram user @fkastem added, “I hate this trend of putting your business out there and then telling people to mind their business. Why are yall like this?”
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