Anansa Sims Says Ex Threatened Matt Barnes' Life Multiple Times

Anansa Sims Says Ex-Husband Threatened Her And Matt Barnes’ Life ‘On Numerous Occasions’

David Patterson Jr. is suing Matt Barnes following an argument at a football game that ended with Barnes spitting in Patterson’s face before going their separate ways. In response, Barnes’ fiancée Anansa Sims, also David’s ex-wife, released a series of damning accusations against David.

Anansa said her ex-husband “has been harassing” her and Matt “for years,” including making threats against Matt’s life and livelihood. In the lengthy Instagram post, Sims also revealed the most recent round of harassment happened this month.

“In the month of January alone, my ex has called the police to our home five times on false claims of us having a scheduled visit. Each time I’ve shown the different officers our talking parent messages confirming that we, in fact, did not have a visit scheduled. This has been extremely traumatizing for our children and our neighbors.”

Anansa and Matt got engaged in December after being together, on and off, for about five years. The couple shares a blended family with Barnes’ twins with Gloria Govan and Anansa’s three children by David. Matt and Anansa also share a young son.


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On Jan. 22, Matt and David crossed paths at the Niners vs. Cowboys playoff game. An argument ensued from 20 feet away before Matt initiated close contact, per Patternson’s suit. Once the distance between them was closed, video footage captured Matt spitting at David. Patterson filed a lawsuit against Matt in L.A. County Superior Court a few days later, on Jan. 27. He’s seeking unspecified damages for battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Barnes’ Fiancée Says David Patterson Went To 49ers Game To ‘Bait’ Matt 

But Anansa is throwing dirt on the credibility of Matt’s suit in her lengthy defense of her husband-to-be. For one, Patterson claims he did not know Matt was going to be at the game. But Sims insists her ex-husband attended the game and initiated a fight to provoke Matt into a physical reaction.

“David has said in text message recently that he was going to end Matt’s podcast and ESPN career, so when I learned about the altercation at Levi stadium, I knew David was trying to bait Matt into hitting him. My ex-husband had just sent police officers to our home days before that game on false scheduled visit claims. It’s public knowledge that Matt is a huge 69ers fan, and David knew Matt would be at the game. Giving David an opportunity to reach Matt. David started the altercation, which resulted in Matt’s response. Unfortunately, the cameras only captured MAtt’s reaction, not the whole incident.”

After the spitting incident and days before Patterson’s lawsuit, Matt also filed court documents. He submitted an application for a temporary restraining order against Sims’ ex-husband. Both Matt and David are expected in court on Feb. 16, per TMZ. Also, Barnes’ application mirrors Anansa’s claims of months-long harassment and threats by Patterson.

Sims wrote:

“Due to David’s history of consistent harassment after the altercation at the 49ers game, Matt filed a restraining order against David, and the judge granted it. Matt was reluctant to do this, but I am so grateful that he did what was needed to protect himself and our family.”

Anansa Sims Details Harassment And Threats From Ex-Husband David Patterson

To preface her ten-slide statement defending Matt, Sims explained her disdain for making “private matters public” in her caption. However, the mother of four says it’s been “heartbreaking” to see a different narrative play out publicly than the one she and Matt have been living privately.

According to Sims’ statement, Patterson asked to surrender his 50/50 visitation and custody rights after a disagreement about the kids’ extracurricular activities. A week after the disagreement, Patterson allegedly “threatened to come up to their football practice with his glock handgun to confront” her and the coach. She filed for a restraining order the next day, and the judge granted it in November.

That same month, a judge placed Patterson on supervised visits with the kids over the nature of the restraining order. Anansa says Patterson’s response was violent.

“My ex-husband threatened to run me over with his car and gladly watch all the blood leak out of my body. He said this to me in front of our children at their baseball tryouts. He also threatened to kill Matt with his glock multiple times in front of our children. Thankfully I was able to record him saying these threats on video, which in addition to his other disturbing behavior, aided in the judge granting me with the restraining order on him.”

And Sims says Patterson’s efforts haven’t stopped with her or Matt but extended to him and Gloria’s sons.

“In addition to threatening to kill Matt and I on numerous occasions, David also made heinous false detrimental accusations to authorities against Matt’s twin sons. When my husband came after the twins, I was furious and I knew he would not stop.”

Anasa later revealed that Patterson admitted on a recorded phone call that he is “very jealous of Matt,” his relationship with Sims, and the lifestyle he provides his three stepchildren.



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Barnes recently showed Anansa love on the ‘gram, calling her his “rider.” 


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