Chloe Bailey Responds To Criticism Over Chris Brown Collab

Chloe Bailey Responds To Criticism Of Chris Brown Collab & ‘Swarm’ Scene: ‘Kiss My Booty!’

Chloe Bailey is once again addressing her detractors and letting them know she’s determined to do as she pleases!

The Singer Is Gonna ‘Let The Music Speak For Itself,’ Says Backlash Is Nothing New For Her

The 24-year-old star’s commentary came during a recent sit-down on the ‘Big Tigger Morning Show.’ She specifically addressed the backlash she received for collaborating with Chris Brown.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Chloe faced mixed reactions after announcing that Breezy would be featured on “How Does It Feel.” The single dropped shortly ahead of her In Pieces album.

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Critics pointed to Chris’s past and questioned why Chloe would work with him. However, she told Big Tigger that she’s determined to “let the music speak for itself.”

Additionally, Chloe added that — considering all the public scrutiny she’s faced — she’s “used to it” and chooses to “ignore” the detractors.

“I always just wanna let the music speak for itself. And to be honest, no matter what I do, people always find things to say about it, so I’m used to it. I just choose to ignore it. People have every right to their opinions, freedom of speech, and it’s up to me to choose what I give my attention and energy to.”

Regarding her and Chris linking for the track, Chloe said she’s “really grateful” for the experience, as she “love[s] how it turned out.”

“Our voices blended together so nicely… I really love how it turned out. We met on set — He was the sweetest, kindest guy, and I’m really grateful he did the song with me.”

Chloe Bailey Is Confident That She’s ‘Walking In [Her] Purpose’

Chloe also acknowledged what her critics had to say about her steamy scene with Damson Idris on Swarm. The scene arrived on the heels of her collab-centered drama.

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After noting that she must brush off naysayers, she added that everything she does is “ordained by God.” Chloe also declared, “I’m walking in my purpose,” as she “manifested” her role in the project.

Before moving on, she shared a short and simple message for her haters: “Kiss my booty!”

“I just have to brush anything that comes my way off my shoulders…Everything I’m doing is ordained by God, and I’m walking in my purpose, and anybody who has a problem with that can kiss my booty!”

What do you think about the criticism that Chloe Bailey faced for collaborating with Chris Brown? Additionally, are you here for how she’s responding to the backlash?


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