Da'Naia Jackson Talks 'Surrendering To The Lord' After Divorce

WATCH: Da’Naia Jackson Says ‘Surrendering To The Lord’ Is Her Secret Following Divorce From Derrick Jaxn

After Derrick Jaxn announced their divorce in December, Da’Naia Jackson leaned further into God. So that’s the message Da’Naia delivered to her 91,000 Instagram followers this week.

“When the man you love & have kids with destroys your soul with reckless decision-making, you must CHOOSE be alone with God. When your heart has been shattered & reshaped into something that doesn’t quite feel normal inside your chest, with mental, emotional & soul pain that is unbearable, there is only ONE MAN who can fix it & that is the Holy Spirit,” Da’Naia wrote.

She shared a video and a paragraphs-long caption on Instagram praising the Lord and her Bible. Da’Naia also seemingly hinted that Derrick “crushed [her] spirit due to his unconscious [eggplant emoticon].” In the clip, there’s a moment when Da’Naia throws a large wedding photo to the ground and sheds tears while sliding down a wall.

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Less than two weeks before Christmas, relationship coach Derrick announced his return to the single streets. At the time, he said the decision to split was mutual after “much prayer, counseling, and deep consideration.” He shared his gratitude for the years spent with Da’Naia, calling her “an amazing person.” 


His separation statement came shortly after blogger Tasha K exposed footage of him in Miami with another woman. Their marriage ended less than two years after Derrick admitted to cheating on Jackson in a filmed confession with Da’Naia at his side. At the time, he said his indiscretions included “sex, sexual flirtation and meeting up” with other women.

The mother has faced online ridicule for her appearance during the March 2021 confession, word choice, like “bonnet of salvation” in follow-up videos, and use of religion to condemn others.

In November, a few weeks before Derrick announced their divorce, Da’Naia seemingly wished death (and more) on people speaking ill of them. The shocking video made its rounds again in December after the divorce news. People expressed confusion at Da’Naia’s passionate ill wishes, given that Derrick mentioned they’d decided on separating “earlier” in 2022–though he gave no exact date.

Da’Naia Jackson Seemingly Suggests She Idolized Derrick Jaxn

In her lengthy caption testimony, Da’Naia spoke about feeling like she doesn’t know “how to live without that man” while also being angry with him. She added that she “made an idol” of Derrick–a disservice to God in her eyes.

“If you have heard, ‘God hates divorce,’ & using that for strength to ‘work it out’ with a man who consciously ‘chooses.’ You have made an idol of that man, you are people-pleasing & you’re out of order in the sight of God. Married or not. And this requires repentance and renunciation,” she wrote. “One thing God “hates” more than divorce is a woman with a destroyed soul idolizing a man who does not have the power to destroy her soul and body in hell fire (Matt 10:28).”

Da’Naia also spoke about healing being a “two-way street” that requires exchanging pain and hurt for God’s healing. She seemingly suggested therapy doesn’t measure up to God’s work.

“I’ve learned that He is made strong in my weakness & it takes him a nanosecond to heal what natural world therapy would take years to ‘manage’ with side effects known as ‘triggers.’ When God comes to heal, he heals completely, there are no side effects & ‘triggers’ are disarmed and powerless by His Power.”

Da’Naia added:

“My secret to surviving public mockery, scrutiny, scandal, betrayal, and dishonor is surrendering to the Lord.”

This isn’t the first time the former wife has spoken about her healing and relationship with God. She’s shared several posts on her Instagram page on the topic.



Meanwhile, Derrick hasn’t responded to Da’Naia’s religiously-centered music video and caption testimony. Since announcing the divorce, which is still available on his Instagram page, Derrick has continued to share relationship advice with over one million followers.


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