Jacky Oh's Surgeon Avoids Charges As Her Autopsy Is Shared

Jacky Oh’s Plastic Surgeon Reportedly Avoids Criminal Charges As The ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Star’s Cause Of Death Is Revealed

Jacky Oh’s cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Zachary Okhah, will reportedly avoid criminal charges as the mother of three’s cause of death is revealed. As The Shade Room previously reported, the late ‘Wild ‘N Out’ star passed away on May 31 after undergoing a “mommy makeover.” According to Stanford Medicine, a mommy makeover is a “combination of different surgeries.” The surgeries can include tummy tucks, breast augmentations, liposuction, and other procedures.

Additionally, Jacky Oh was the girlfriend of comedian DC Young Fly and the mother of their three children.

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Dr. Zachary Okhah Will Reportedly Avoid Charges As Jacky Oh’s Cause Of Death Is Revealed

According to a report published Tuesday by TMZ, the Miami Police Department revealed to the outlet that the medical examiner has “ruled Jacky’s death accidental.” Additionally, the department explained that homicide detectives “will not launch a criminal investigation” into the mother’s passing.

Therefore, Jacky Oh’s surgeon, Dr. Zachary Okhah, will not “be charged with any crimes.”

What Reportedly Occured On The Day Of Jacky Oh’s Passing

This information arrives on the heels of TMZ’s prior report, which detailed the findings of Jacky Oh’s autopsy. According to the outlet, Jacky Oh flew to Miami in May to undergo the mommy makeover procedure with Dr. Okhah.

TMZ reports that Jacky Oh’s procedure reportedly consisted of liposuction and a BBL, which transfers fat from one part of the body to the buttocks. However, Page Six reports that Oh’s procedure consisted of a “Brazilian butt lift.”

According to TMZ, Jacky Oh’s surgery was completed on May 30. Afterward, she was reportedly prescribed “Ciprofloxacin” as an “antibiotic,” “Oxycodone” as a “painkiller,” and “Ondansetron” for “anti-nausea.”

However, shortly after, Jacky Oh began to experience a headache and was advised to take Ibuprofen and discontinue the Ondansetron.

The following evening, Jacky Oh reportedly felt like her head was “burning” and showed “difficulty speaking.” At the time, the mother of three was reportedly with her aunt, who called the police. However, Jacky Oh fell unconscious ahead of the authorities’ arrival.

The mother of three was ultimately pronounced dead at 11 p.m. after being transported to a hospital.

According to Page Six, Jacky Oh’s autopsy also revealed “swelling in her brain and excessive bleeding of the skin around her torso.”

At this time, Jacky’s Oh spouse, DC Young Fly, has not publicly addressed reports regarding her cause of death and Dr. Okhah.

A Brief Look Back At The Events Since Jacky Oh’s Passing

As The Shade Room previously reported, Jacky Oh passed away in May at 32. At the time, her family and ‘Wild N’ Out’  co-stars issued a statement in response to the unexpected news.

DC Young Fly also shared his thoughts on his girlfriend’s unexpected passing about a week after the news became public.

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Additionally, the comedian left the public in awe as he and her family threw the late mother of three a loving “series of homegoing services,” which took place in June, as reported by The Shade Room.

Days after Jacky Oh’s funeral, Dr. Okhah shared a statement seemingly in response to the mother of three’s passing.

Weeks after, DC Young Fly revealed how he’s been coping since Jacky Oh’s passing. The comedian showed his gratitude for God and revealed that he would rather show “positivity” than the more emotional moments of his and his family’s grief.

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Roomies, please join us in sending continued love, support, and condolences to the family and friends of Jacky Oh and DC Young Fly.


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