LightSkinKeisha Reacts After Mom Of Fiancé's First Child Goes Off

LightSkinKeisha Says Mother Of Coca Vango’s Daughter Is ‘Obsessed’ & ‘Bitter’ About Their Relationship, She Denies It

Two days after LightSkinKeisha celebrated her 29th birthday, the rapper is tussling online with her fiancé’s former woman. This is the second time this week that Keisha has publicly addressed Lay, who shares a pre-teen daughter with Coca Vango.

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LightSkinKeisha’s latest drag comes after Melia’s mother accused her of sleeping with Coca’s “brother” in the past. Lay kicked off the online drama this week with several posts suggesting Vango is an inconsistent father amid the couple’s pregnancy announcement.

Coca also responded, denying the allegations with screenshots Keisha later said: “didn’t prove nothing.”

LightSkinKeisha Says Mother Of Coca Vango’s Daughter Is “Obsessed,” Mother Reacts

Keisha admitted that Lay didn’t mention her in the initial accusations but alleged that Lay mentioned her to Coca’s mother and sister in private. She named two times that Lay allegedly reached out to her ex’s family about the couple — once after their engagement and after the pregnancy reveal.

“Why you did this when we announced that I’m pregnant? Huh? Because you’re obsessed with me,” Keisha said. “You have an obsession. This ain’t even about your child. You don’t make things about your child.”

Keisha confirmed Coca saw his daughter during spring break, adding that Lay harassed them during the stay and that Melia did not want to return home. The actress also said that her fiancé blocked his ex, not his daughter, but that her mother used the pre-teen’s phone to attack Coca. Kiesha added that Lay isn’t focused on Meli but on the couple.

“Let’s not cut the narrative like there are not women out there that exist that are bitter baby mamas. That’s bitter as hell cause the n***a is moving on. Notice she not saying that she don’t get payments every month.”

Keisha said she and Coca have to brief associates, “down to the barber,” about Lay’s obsessive antics. She also alleged Child Protective Services has contacted Coca about the pre-teen running away from her mother’s care multiple times.

Not soon after, Lay denied accusations of speaking about Keisha to Coca’s mother or sister. She also denied parts of Keisha’s story, including doing pick-ups and drop-offs at each other’s personal residence. Lay also called Keisha a “TV b***h.”

“I wish you quit just saying anything out that mouth of yours without the receipts to prove it bc, at this point your just a liar. That’s why Amin not saying anything because he can’t, and you just tryna clear me but can’t!! Wait until I’m off work baby.”

Editor’s Note: This article was published on Sept. 6 and later updated to reflect additional responses from the parties involved. Keep reading for updates and original reporting. 


LightSkinKeisha served “my man, my man, my man” energy on Tuesday (Sept. 5) when she came to her fiancé’s defense online. The rapper clapped back at the mother of Coca Vango‘s first child and daughter, Melia.

Lay, the mother’s name per her Instagram profile, labeled Coca a “deadbeat” father in a series of Insta-Story posts on Tuesday. She claimed Coca Vango hadn’t seen their daughter since March. The pre-teen allegedly learned of his father’s unborn second child via her friend, who reportedly saw the announcement on Instagram.

As previously reported, LightSkinKeisha and Coca Vango announced their first child together on Monday night. The “Pop Dat” rapper shared a carousel of maternity photos on her Instagram feed, and Vango made a similar pregnancy post to his feed shortly after.

Mother Of Coca Vango’s Daughter Alleges He Hasn’t Seen His Daughter Since March

In addition to not allegedly seeing Melia, Lay accuses Coca Vango of banning the child from his house after an argument between her parents.

“Yesterday, when they announced their pregnancy via social media, his mother/ my daughter’s grandmother wrote and asked her if she was okay, randomly out the blue,” Lay wrote. “My daughter is 11 years old, going on 12 in November, so now she is fully aware of everything that’s going on and her feelings are hurt behind it…”

She added that Vango did not call his pre-teen when she requested to speak about the pregnancy announcement. Melia allegedly asked her grandmother to deliver the message, and Vango allegedly said he would call when he got back in Atlanta.

It’s unclear where Coca Vango had traveled to, but we should note that the pregnancy announcement came on the same day as LightSkinKeisha’s 29th birthday.

“How can he produce and publicly how excitement for an unborn child when he has a child here he picks and choosing when he wants to be in her life??? Make it make sense but this y’all favorit motivational speaker lol,” Lay wrote.

In additional posts, she claimed Coca Vango is “so mad that he can’t control [her] and tell [her] what to do.” However, Lay said she won’t let him “keep playing” in their daughter’s face. She also shared old tweets by Vango speaking lovingly about Melia, suggesting he switched up and lacks the same energy.

“One thing about deadbeats, they going to have some more kids,” Lay wrote.

LightSkinKeisha Suggests Melia’s Mother Is A Felon, Coca Vango Denies Being A Deadbeat

As Lay’s rant picked up steam, LightSkinKeisha hopped on Instagram Live with a few clapbacks of her own. Though neither woman name-dropped the other, LightSkinKeisha’s livestream came after Lay’s accusations.

“People need to grow up, and people need to stop lying, and that’s just that on that. People need to grow up and need to start being a woman. Be a grown woman, be a grown woman about yours.”

On the verge of seemingly spilling, the rapper said, “I’m not a felon; I got a clean record.” She starts mentioning a car but stops herself, ending her commentary with “We’re happy.”

Meanwhile, Coca Vango took the accusations more seriously–sharing text messages and photos of Melia while denying he’s a deadbeat.

Vango shared a screenshot of him texting his daughter on Apr. 7 about going bowling and a photo of their scores.

In an Apr. 9 message, his pre-teen says Lay is asking for child support money. Vango asks why he would send it when Melia is in his care but then says he will speak to Lay. He also shared a photo of Melia with an icy (jewelry-filled) neck.

“So magically everything something GOOD happens for me I become a DEAD BEAT HUH,” Coca Vango said.


Meanwhile, Lay didn’t take her daughter’s clapback in silence. Instead, she took to Insta-Story again — first addressing LightSkinKeisha, then Melia’s father.

“BM #2 no one addressed you, but before you are a mother you are a woman first. You’ve been around when me & him were a couple bc you was smashing his brother so please….just enjoy your pregnancy love!”

Lay also claimed that the photos Coca Vango posted of Melia are from “this past spring break.” She said that was the last father-daughter link-up before Coca “blocked” the pre-teen.

“Post up some pictures from her 5th grade graduation. Post up som pictures from her first day of middle school, post up some pictures from a birthday party when she was being celebrated by you? What is her teacher’s name? Hell what is her favorite color…I’ll wait. Y’all keep speaking on things outside of our daughter and that should not be the topic not my personal life and the false narrative y’all putting out. If ima felon why can’t you get your daughter? If ima convicted felon please post those receipts.”

She added that Coca Vango is the one with a criminal record for his “violent behavior numerous of times,” including for “putting [his] hands on [her.]”

At this time, there are no additional remarks from either side. 

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