LightSkinKeisha Denies Having BBL Surgery

LightSkinKeisha Denies Having BBL Surgery: ‘Y’all Swear Y’all Know Sumn’

LightSkinKeisha is setting the record straight and vehemently denying that she ever underwent BBL surgery.

LightSkinKeisha Shared A Tweet That Left Fans With Plenty Of Opinions

The 28-year-old took to Twitter on Wednesday and shared a tweet admiring the backside of her body.

My booty is so big omg 

One woman was quick to respond.

Yeah you got the best bbl in the game !!

And LightSkinKeisha didn’t waste any time asking for the woman’s receipts.

Where is the proof I got a BBL at? I’m so interested, cause y’all swear y’all know sumn lmao

LightSkinKeisha Clarified Her Surgical History

The 28-year-old then went on to clarify her history with surgical procedures.

I never said I didn’t get surgery, I said I didn’t get a BBL and that’s a FACT  lmao why y’all be so mad and bout to buss a blood vessel tryna tell me wtf I did

One fan responded in agreement with Keisha.

You been thick since middle school. Folks just be mad

Which Keisha wrote.

Exactlyyyyyyy !

The Rapper Educated Her Followers On The Meaning Of A Brazilian Butt Lift

LightSkinKeisha stayed on Twitter a bit longer and continued to share more details about her fitness journey with followers.

I’m currently in the gym tryna workout so this big ass booty of mine can go down a lil bit, ion need my ass to grow nomo

She even took the time to joke with one fan about some users’ false beliefs.

@LightSkinKeisha not you having these cybersurgeons in a uproar how can anyone tell YOU about your body? Lmaooo
The 28-year-old responded.

Rightttttttttt , they real mad ain’t it? Cause let dem tell it, they was in the doctors office with me

Then Keisha hopped over to her Instagram Story to educate viewers on the definition of a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Educate yourselves. There are more surgeries out there than just a ‘BBL”! I never got anything transferred into my booty. Y’all just don’t wanna believe that all dis wagon I’m dragging is mine… But for the girls who did get have a BBL, do you! I love that for y’all!

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