Bambi Apologizes To Erica Dixon And Emani After Being 'Triggered'

Bambi Seemingly Apologizes To Erica Dixon And Emani, Says She ‘Responded Emotionally’ After Being ‘Triggered’


Bambi Apologizes To Erica Dixon And Emani After Being 'Triggered'

Bambi has apologized after a back-and-forth with Erica Dixon and her daughter Emani, whom she shares with Lil Scrappy.

Folks online joked that the ‘palace was in shambles’ after Bambi shared a private phone call with Scrappy and accused Erica of child abuse. Meanwhile, Momma Dee publicly sided with Dixon and her granddaughter. The bulk of the exchanges happened on Thursday (April 20), and by Friday, Bambi released her apology statement on Instagram Story.

“Sharing private moments is never a good look and goes against everything that family stands for. I take full responsibility for my actions. I have been doing my best to hold it together through my divorce & a few days ago I was triggered & I responded emotionally & publicly.”

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As previously reported, Emani addressed Adiz The Bam as “that lady.” The moment happened in passing while the 18-year-old was live-streaming and told viewers to stop asking about her former stepmother.

Bambi later caught the presumed shade, posted a photo captioned “that lady” and came for Erica’s neck on Insta-Story. She accused the mother of three of “bullying and two-piecing” Emani, revealing a police report.

“Y’all so mad cuz I’m that lady but you’ll never be anything other than that [redacted] baby momma,” Bambi wrote. “@msericadixon since you wanna play with me…the reason why I never liked your a** because since your child was 8 years old she confided in me about you bullying her and two-piecing her a**.


Emani, Erica Dixon & Momma Dee Clap Back At Bambi's Accusations

Emani wasn’t a fan of Bambi’s callout–taking to Instagram to slam Bambi’s parenting compared to her mother’s. First, the 18-year-old denied the validity of the police report, calling it “nothing.” Then, she accused Bam of passing off her children’s care and letting her younger sister’s hair fall out.

“Let’s tell the truth about how my sister’s hair was falling out because you wasn’t washing her hair or bathing her properly. You can’t even watch all three about yourself, you need my daddy and a nanny to be with you or your momma to be with you 24/7. So let’s not talk about parenting, me and my siblings are very well taken care of and my momma go 100% for all of us.”

Bambi reacted to Emani by releasing a private phone call with Scrappy. During the call, Bam revealed she didn’t like Erica because of abuse stories Emani would spin.

She also spoke about Emani feeling like she must choose a side depending on which parent she spends time with.

The leaked call didn’t go over well on social media–from strangers’ reactions to Erica and Momma Dee stepping in. Like Emani, Erica addressed the situation on Insta-Live.

She called the abuse claims “false allegations” and challenged Bambi to show the cleared investigation paperwork. Dixon also warned Emani to stay out of the drama online.

Meanwhile, in an unusually calm tone, Momma Dee also addressed Bambi’s reaction to Emani’s comment. She confirmed that none of the drama is for a storyline, adding that she’d never exchange words with an 18-year-old like Emani.

Momma Dee also backed up Emani’s claims that Bambi’s mother threatened to fight her and called her a “label wh*re.”

Momma Dee also stepped into The Shade Room with added thoughts on the situation. She said, “I wonder if she would feel if someone talked about her three kids, my other grandkid,s we will all be upset, but for now, pray for all of us. 


Bambi Says She's 'Not Proud' Of Her 'Triggered' Reaction In Apology

In her apology, Bambi didn’t explain what exactly “triggered” her. However, she admitted she was “not proud” of her online outburst.

“I am not proud of it & I apologize to everyone I hurt and disappointed. I’m gonna take some time to get it together & work on being my favorite version of myself. It won’t be perfect, but it will be me.”

Over the weekend, Bam shared content featuring her three children on her Insta-Story, including a trip to church, playing outside, eating lunch, and doing a worksheet.


Scrappy Hasn't Responded To Bambi's Apology, But Momma Dee Did

Meanwhile, Scrappy–whom Bambi admitted she was divorcing–hasn’t publicly reacted to his estranged wife’s claims.

But Momma Dee, once again, stepped into The Shade Room with thoughts on the apology. She suggested The Bam snitched with the leaked phone call and that her apology was the work of a publicist.

Dee started by alleging Bambi turned off her messaging feature on IG–preventing anyone from reaching her.

“…That’s how we know you don’t know mean it you’re just upset because the world turns on you and how you lead my son into conversations that he was unaware he was being tapped that’s equivalent to being a snitch still Compton number Compton but God will forgive you. You’re not the only one that going or have went through the voice but no one reacts to the better half like that. You’re suppose to walk with dignity and respect as a woman with integrity do you know what that means be blessed.”

It doesn’t appear that Erica Dixon or Emani have reacted to Bambi’s apology.


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