Damson Idris Receives Love Following 'Snowfall' Series Finale

Damson Idris Receives Love Following ‘Snowfall’ Series Finale: ‘He Deserves All The Awards’


Damson Idris Snowfall Series Finale

The series finale of Snowfall aired on Wednesday evening, and—now that the six-season show has officially wrapped—Damson Idris is being praised left and right by viewers!

Snowfall first premiered in 2017, and viewers instantly became hooked on the story of Franklin Saint—Damson’s character, who was determined to establish a drug empire in South Central Los Angeles.

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And The Last Episode Went Like This...

The sixth and final season premiered in February 2023. The last episode of the series—titled “The Struggle”—finally came around on April 19, and Franklin Saint was shown in a different light.


Twitter Gives Damson Idris His Franklin Flowers

On the heels of the finale episode, Damson was immediately praised.

As a result of his performance, many proclaimed that he has to win an accolade, as “this finale proves that he’s mastered this role…He deserves all the awards for it.”

Humorously, some were a bit sterner than others in their demands. The fans definitely came thru and advocated for Damson!


Twitter Talks About Damson Idris' Acting Future

One viewer proclaimed, “No one has portrayed a coming-of-age story as brilliantly as Damson Idris.” PERIOD!

It was also speculated that, in the future, similar feats will “remind us of Damson’s inspiring performance and the secrets to his success.”

Additionally, it was noted that Damson “played like three people” in the finale: “A desperate man with nothing, then a villain, then a washed-up drunk.”


Damson Idris Says Goodbye To Franklin Saint

From Damson Idris being dubbed “the greatest actor of this generation” to users saying that his range has to be “studied,” the love just kept on flooding in!

As for the actor himself, he acknowledged the finale by tweeting a photo and writing, “Goodbye Franklin.”


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