Jackie Christie Shows Texts She Sent Brooke After Kayla Died

Jackie Christie Releases Text Messages She Sent Brooke Bailey After Her Daughter’s Passing: ‘Stop Spreading Lies & Hate’


Jackie Christie shares the texts she sent Brooke Bailey after her daughter Kayla passed away last year.

Jackie Christie and Brooke Bailey have taken their grievances from the Basketball Wives stage to Instagram.

Following Monday night’s reunion episode, social media buzzed with reactions to Brooke’s allegations that Jackie was an ‘unsupportive friend’ after her daughter’s passing. Kayla Bailey, 25, was killed in a car crash in Memphis last fall.

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While seated beside each other, Brooke expressed disappointment in Jackie’s decision not to “show up” for her. She said Jackie did not “send one flower” or “knock on [her] door to give [her] a hug or just to sit next to [her] quietly.” Jackie responded, “I didn’t know what to say, and I am so sorry.”

Despite not calling her, she added that hearing about Kayla’s passing hurt her heart. Then, she explained her decision to maintain distance, adding that she’s shown up for Bailey in other instances, including during marriage woes. But Brooke wasn’t hearing it and instead ran down a list of people who showed up, including castmates and production.

At one point, another castmate sat between the women to diffuse the tense energy. Amid Brooke snapping at her, Christie reiterated her apology, saying, “I said I apologize, Brooke.” But while backstage, Jackie’s energy took more of an unapologetic shift.

“When you don’t have anything else to be mad about or talk about, you make up sh*t. So, it’s just another waste of time to me,” Christie said in a confessional video. “You want a flower? I’ll send you a whole bouquet of flowers. I can’t bring your daughter back. I can’t bring back the fact that I didn’t do what you wanted me to do.”




Jackie Denies Being 'Unsupportive' After Brooke's Daughter Passed, Shares Text Thread

Amid the trending online critiques against Jackie, the Basketball Wives star released a statement and text thread screenshots on Instagram.

“Really hope everyone stop spreading lies & hate about such a sensitive topic. I’m truly disappointed int he narrative being spun in such a way to insinuate or say I did not call her on the very morning we all found out,” Jackie wrote.

She said when she called that morning, she spoke to Brooke’s friend Tyler Renee, who told her Brooke would “reach out when she felt up to it.” 

“I then texted & Dm’d several times after and received back messages. When the service came, I don’t do well with them, so I didn’t go, and at the reunion, I found out my absence was missed, and I apologized, period. At this juncture, I’m done going back and forth. We spoke and moved on at the BBWLA reunion.”

Christie shared a screenshot of her text thread with Bailey last fall, including a message sent on September 27 at 10:27 a.m., saying, “sending you so much love and [prayer and heart emojis] Sis here if you need anything.” 

Brooke responded by adding a heart to the text. Jackie reached out again on October 1 at 10:21 a.m., writing, “hey, sis, just sending you lots of love today [heart emojis].”

Brooke replied, “Thank you [broken heart emoticon]. 

In a separate screenshot, Jackie contacted Tyler in her Instagram DMs on October 7 at 12:40 a.m. She wrote, “Hey Tyler, please add me to the guest list Jackie Christie.” 



Tyler Renee Says She Didn't Speak To Jackie On The Phone After Kayla Died

Following the episode, Tyler Renee chimed in–offering clarity on her communications with Jackie.

On Instagram Story, Tyler wrote”

“I’m only addressing this because of Kayla. @jackiechristie, you and I never had a conversation. We never spoke over the phone. You dm’d me to add you to the guest list that I spent countless hours putting together for Kayla’s homegoing that you never showed up to, which is totally fine but PLEASE DO NOT LIE!”

Brooke reposted Tyler’s statement to her IG Story and, in a separate post, accused Jackie of wasting her family’s time.

“You wasted my family’s time asking to be put on a guest list for Kayla’s funeral and didn’t show up. After they spent countless hours on the seating chart. So please STOP ACTING like I’m over reacting. I can keep going.”



Brooke Says Prior To Her Daughter Passing Away, Jackie Would Contact Her 2-3 Times Weekly

After Jackie shared her “receipts,” Brooke took to Instagram with a video explaining her perspective. She claimed that she and Jackie spoke weekly before Kayla passed away, as many as two to three times.

“Did I consider Jackie my friend? Yes, very much so considered her my friend. So when my daughter passed away here sending me a generic text, you know, maybe it was wrong for me to expect more from her, but I definitely did. You know when you consider someone a friend you expect certain things. I know what I would’ve done for her if she was in that situation.”

Bailey added that it’s not about Jackie buying her a flower or “doing anything other than being there” for her.

She added that Jackie never circled back to Tyler to let her know she wouldn’t attend Kayla’s homegoing service.

“It’s not so much about what she didn’t do, it’s how she went about things.”


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