Marissa Da'Nae Responds After NLE Choppa Says He's 'Single'

Marissa Da’Nae Responds After NLE Choppa Says He’s ‘Single,’ Alleges He Made Her Tattoo His Face & More (Video)


NLE Choppa

Marissa Da’Nae is responding after NLE Choppa appeared for a recent radio interview and maintained his “single” status. As The Shade Room previously reported, Da’Nae recently apologized for blasting NLE Choppa for being absent as they await the arrival of their first child together.

However, now she is revealing more about their relationship.

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Marissa Da'Nae Speaks About NLE Choppa Wanting Her To Sign An NDA

Marissa Da’Nae took to Instagram Live on Thursday to share more details about her relationship with NLE Choppa and discuss his alleged behavior during their ongoing pregnancy.

Da’Nae revealed that, allegedly, NLE Choppa would not appear at their baby shower, nor did he want the public to find out that she is with child.

Additionally, Da’Nae revealed that NLE Choppa allegedly approached her about signing an NDA.

“Then he comes back three hours later, and he says, ‘If you love me, can you just delete all your social media?'”

Da’Nae explained, “At this point, there’s probably no coming back from this.” Additionally, she said that she does not understand why the rapper allegedly treats her so poorly.

However, despite the alleged poor treatment, Da’Nae expressed that she loves the rapper.


Marissa Da'Nae Shows A Tattoo Of NLE Choppa On Her Arm, Alleges He "Made" Her Get It

Earlier in the live stream, Da’Nae directly responded to NLE Choppa’s claims of being “single.”

She explained that she “hates liars,” and although NLE claimed not to be in a relationship publicly, he was still referring to has as his “partner” privately.

Regarding their pregnancy, Da’Nae explained that the rapper allegedly forced her to get a tattoo of his face on her body so that they could begin the IVF process.



NLE Choppa Calls Da'Nae "Delusional" & Maintains A "Single" Status During Interview

Marissa Da’Nae’s latest allegations were prompted by NLE Choppa’s recent interview on ‘The Morning Hustle’ radio show.

During the sit-down, he maintained his “single” status and even referred to Da’Nae as “delusional.”

“Some people delusional — I am a free man. I am God’s creation. Don’t nobody own me…”

NLE Choppa also addressed his ongoing pregnancy with Da’Nae. He explained that he paid for Da’Nae’s IVF process because he felt “sorry” about the couple’s 2022 miscarriage.

“So I just wanted to make that situation right, and I’m still the a**hole…”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Da’Nae blasted the rapper earlier this week for allegedly being absent during her pregnancy and “shooting his shot” at other women.

Then she apologized and explained that the pregnancy has been really “hard” on her and she should have kept her “truth” to herself.


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