Top 5 Craziest TSR Investigates Stories That Broke The Internet

Top 5 Craziest TSR Investigates Stories That Broke The Internet + Bloopers! | TSR Investigates


Top 5 Craziest TSR Investigates Stories That Broke The Internet + Bloopers! | TSR Investigates

TSR Investigates is celebrating its 100th episode after two years and over 300 million views.

TSR Investigates Celebrates Its 100th Episode

From exposing scammers and May-December romances to reporting on racial injustices and dubious deaths, Justin Carter has reported on it all.

In honor of the occasion, The Shade Room is looking back at five of Justin’s investigative stories that broke the internet.


5. Rolling Ray Responds To Accusations That He Scammed His Followers On Social Media

In December 2022, TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter reported on Rolling Ray, a.k.a. the most famous boy in a wheelchair.

At the time, Ray had been accused by several social media users of being a scammer.

Chastity Jones and many other alleged victims claim they paid Ray for shoutouts on Instagram.

But after sending the money, they say he took their cash and dipped.

The reality star stepped into The Shade Room to set the record straight on these accusations.

Thanks to Carter’s report, refunds were finally sent days after the TSR Investigates interview.

Ray made several social media posts where he doubled down on his intent to repay everyone.

He added that he now has a better system to keep track of his social media advertising following the TSR Investigates’ report.


4. Inside The Florida Wig Company That’s Allegedly Scamming Customers

For the fifth-ever episode of TSR Investigates, Justin Carter looked into the bustling wig industry and quickly began noticing a troubling trend.

Complaints of delayed shipments, shoddy products, and an F-rating by the Better Business Bureau had some consumers claiming the Rhonda White Collection is essentially a scam.

Rhonda White herself spoke to Carter and attempted to correct the negative publicity.

“We try to get it as close to (the advertised density) as we can, But we can’t satisfy everybody’s needs as far as that goes.”

She confirmed that the wigs in the advertisement photos are not necessarily the same as those that the Florida-based company sells.

As a result of the TSR Investigates episode, White said she adjusted her products to serve her customer base better.


3. Bandman Kevo and Andrew Caldwell Open Up About Male Plastic Surgery

In this episode, TSR Investigates’s Justin Carter looked at the “daddy-do-over” plastic surgeries that statistics show more and more men are getting.

Justin spoke to three Black men specifically who underwent cosmetic work, rapper Bandman Kevo, award-winning gospel singer Jovanta Patton, and social media personality Andrew Caldwell.

All three opened up about how their cosmetic procedures have improved their lives.

“I can now go overseas and take my shirt off. It’s better, I just feel better,” Kevo said.

He added: “To be honest, I’d do it again.”

“If I see something on my body that I want to make better. I’ll make it better.”

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most recent data shows that an estimated 1.3 million men got some cosmetic procedure in 2020.

That makes for a 29 percent increase between 2000 and 2018. Men make up only eight percent of all cosmetic procedures in the U.S. annually.

The group reports that the top choices for men are cheek implants, ear surgery, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and nose reshaping (rhinoplasty).


2. Couples With Significant Age Gaps Find Real Love

In this episode of TSR Investigates, Justin Carter took a look at couples with “significant” age gaps.

62-year-old Cheryl Mccain and her 25-year-old husband, Quran Mccain, made quite the impression on Roomies after being featured in the report.

The couple met when Quran was just 15 years old, working at Dairy Queen, and discovered a friendship that blossomed into romance eight years later.

“She got that WAP, waterfall… Niagara,” Quran said. “And we ain’t even discovered the whole ocean yet.”

Quran went on to say that he didn’t see her age and revealed he lost his virginity to her.

And now they’re making money from their unusual romance. They even started an OnlyFans page.

When asked if they make much money from it, Quran laughed and answered in the affirmative.

As far as we know, the couple remains happily married.


New Evidence May Reveal Foul Play In The Jailhouse Death of Ta’Neasha Chappell

In this tragic episode of TSR Investigates, Justin Carter says the story of Ta’neasha Chappell still haunts him to this day.

Last July, we reported on the 2021 death of 23-year-old Ta’Neasha Chappell, who mysteriously died in an Indiana jail.

New evidence reported by TSR Investigates helped to uncover precisely what happened.

In this TSR Investigates update, Justin reported on new police photos, inmate confessions, and interviews to make sense of a senseless death.

Chappell, who fell ill in her cell, begged for medical attention for nearly 16 hours to no avail.

On July 16, 2021, surveillance video captured Chappell inside the Jackson County Jail as she pleaded for help.

She died after jail staff finally took her to a nearby hospital, where emergency room staff noted that her symptoms were similar to antifreeze poisoning.

The Shade Room ultimately got access to a taped interview with a former inmate of Ta’Neasha’s in county jail, who claimed that another inmate named Sylvia Terry admitted to poisoning Ta’Neasha and that it was racially motivated.


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