Reginae Carter Says Lil Wayne Taught Her To Have 'Thick Skin'

Generational Game: Reginae Carter Discusses How Lil Wayne Taught Her To Have ‘Thick Skin’ & ‘Be True’ To Herself

Reginae Carter is opening up about how her father, Lil Wayne, taught her how to hold her own while having “tough skin” in the entertainment industry.

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Lil Wayne Taught Reginae Carter How To Navigate The Industry

Carter, 24, shared her commentary during an interview with PEOPLE. She acknowledged that — on account of the “A Milli” rapper’s longtime industry experience — he’s been a valuable source of knowledge and overall game for Reginae.

“My dad taught me a lot about just being in the industry, period. With him being in this industry since he was 12 years old, he taught me just to keep a thick skin, always be true to myself, never let no one tell me what I can and cannot do.”

Continuing on this note, Reginae also said her father taught her that — as long as she can back up what she sets out to do — everything would ultimately work out.

“If you put your mind to it, and if you have the back for it, if you’re going to back up whatever you put out in front, you’re good.”

Reginae also gave some of her other loved ones a shoutout, noting that she “grew up with a lot of people” who consistently made headlines.

“I definitely have this tough skin because of all that I’ve been through in this industry, with all the lies, with all the things that I have to hear about my parents. And just even my aunts and stuff, this industry I grew up with a lot of people that they talk about and they have these headlines about.”

All in all, Reginae credited these figures with making her the woman she is today. She also acknowledged her mother’s influence in “teaching [her about] class.”

“I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for them, if it wasn’t for my mom, humbling me and teaching me class, teaching me how to maneuver around to be an educated, beautiful, young lady.”

Reginae’s Parents Encouraged Her To Blaze Her Own Trail

Reginae Carter’s recent commentary comes a year after she reflected on being rap royalty during an exclusive sit-down with The Shade Room.

While chatting with Stepping Into The Shade Room host Thembi, Reginae spoke on how, despite Lil Wayne’s rap-focused successes, her parents always encouraged her to “go down [her] own lane.”

“Even my parents always told me to have a name for myself, and then go down my own lane. Yeah, my dad rap, but I’m not a rapper. … I love to act — I feel that’s my own lane, so I try to tackle that. I [also] love fashion.”

Continuing, she acknowledged that she had to learn how to be “humble” while growing up in the spotlight. While she’s still in the process of embracing humility, Reginae noted that she’s come a long way, especially considering just how much of a star her father is!

“Don’t get me wrong, I was that girl that’s like, ‘I’m Reginae Carter! I’m this, I’m that!’ But y’all gotta understand, the world watched me grow up. Like, literally since I could talk, I been knowing that I was this person and my father is [a star], so it’s like, yeah, I had to humble myself. And I’m still doing it.”

Check out Reginae Carter’s Stepping Into The Shade Room episode below.

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